When Fall Ends

by ~kmbrother

I awake from my peaceful slumber to notice a sharp beam of light bounce of my window into my eye. It stunned me making my vision blurry,but I ignored the annoyance and opened up the the windows to gaze at the marvelous scenery that faced me. My heart jumped up at the astounding scene.

The trees were rustling and colliding into each other like it was a fierce battle. The battle would deepen in intensity by the frigid air that egged on the battle but every few seconds they would just sit there mindlessly like none that happened. I couldn't comprehend it at the time, so I just shrugged my shoulders in bewilderment and put on my Coke pajamas,that smelled like Vanilla Coke. I equipped myself with my blue pajamas and my Timberland leather jacket,it was black. It was sorta cheap to because of its leather.

I stood in the lobby of my apartment looking through the transequent windows. I took a deep breath and walked out of the lobby. The brisk air tackled me turning my face as cold as a lifeless body. I ignored the gut feeling in my stomach,saying "Go back in the lobby were it was safe and warm."I ignored my instinct and walked over to the black metal bench near the gates stopping anyone from entering the breezy, dew covered,and dark forest green field of grass.

As I stood there I smelled the fresh smell of frigid air entering my nostrils. The scent felt like the coming of winter which made my heart sadden at the thought of Fall ending. As I looked down at the cement my nose twitched,telling me a wonderful scent was in my perimeter. I jumped up and stared at the grassland behind me. I knew that would be violation of ordinance I've I past that gate for that lovely white crisp rose. I thought about the decision at hand,and I went for it. "Well I got nothing to loose."I shrugged my shoulders as I climbed over the fence for the lovely white rose.

I picked it up a smelled the waft of the fragrant. It smelled like perfectly cooking cinnamon. It looked lively or full of had curly thorns on its side,so I had to be careful It hurt my heart that fall was ending,with all my memoirs, but I knew that Fall would come once again. I plucked it from the ground and started upstairs to put it in a clean pile of dirt and feed it some water.