Short Story-Kickball

by ~kmbrother

It was a boring afternoon for me on this beautiful spring morning. There was nothing to watch on TV and my parents were still asleep in there bedroom. I was just about to go back to bed when the phone started to ring. I head over to the phone and bring it to my left ear. It was my friend, John on the other line.

"Hey dude, want to play kickball with us?" "Sure, but I can't just leave my house without telling my parents because right now there asleep." "Don't worry dude, will only be out for an hour playing kickball with me and a few other people from the neighborhood, what could possibly go wrong. "Well actually-" I was about to finish my sentence when John interrupted me. "Dude, so are you going or not." "Eh ok."

The next thing I knew I was outside heading over to the sandlot across the street from my apartment. My friend John greeted me warmly when I got into the sandlot. He introduced me to the team which consisted of Arlando; he was very skinny and had acne problems all over his pale face. Luke, he was from my school and he was the athletic kind of person who got all the girls but was dumb as a bucket of fish and there was Abdi, he was African American who's family was extremely religious and plus he wasn't very active or lively person so he didn't have many friends besides us and he was overweight.

"So guys were is the other team?" Arlando asks. "It them." John points to the other side of the sandlot were the exit was located to notice that 5 girls were standing there chatting. "Really our verses teams are bunch of girls. This is going to be easy as eating potato chips." Luke says cockily "Don't you mean easy as eating pie." Abdi corrects him. "Yeah whatever."
We head over to the girls side and start to introduce ourselves. "Hello ladies my name is John and we shall be your opponents for this lovely morning." John sounded quite gaudy when talking to the ladies. "Well hello John, were the Girl Squadron and I'm there leader Maria." The rest of the girls gave us there name which were Suzy, she was a blonde, Laura, a tough brunet girl, Jasmine, a red headed girl who was African American and finally there was Abby the girl with huge nerdy glasses.

We all set up the bases and we were put as the team which ran the bases and kicked. In a matter of seconds Luke was ready to kick while Laura was ready to throw the red ball. She rolled the ball with all her might and Luke kicked the ball into the air sending it flying towards the right side of the field. Suzy, the scrawny girl of their group was standing directly were the ball was going to hit. It was an easy homerun for Luke. Luke was just simply jogging to the first base in a boastful fashion. Then a gasp escaped our team as we watched in astonishment that Suzy caught the ball and threw it at Luke who was already sprinting towards second base. Unfortunately when Suzy threw the ball it hit Luke right in his right leg sending him falling to the floor face first.

The girls laughed at Luke meanly which must have hurt him emotional because he just stormed off leaving the sandlot. "Wait you can't leave we haven't even finished the game!" John exclaimed running off to find Luke. The next thing I knew Arlando was nowhere to be found only leaving me and Abdi. Abdi told me he had to leave because he had to go to church, leaving only me who was getting laughed at by the girls. Just then I heard name being yelled. I turn around to see my parents standing there in front of the entrance, with there hands on there hip, staring at me with disappointment and anger on there faces. "Oh Crud!"
The next thing I knew I was in my room basically on lock-down meaning no videogames, computer, TV, telephone or comic books but apparently I could still read regular chapter books. I twist and turned as I stared at my room's ceiling. Right then my mom came into my room with a telephone in her hand. "It's for you." My mom still sounded very disappointed at me. I take the phone out of her hand and put it close to my right ear.

On the phone was John. "What do you want?" I say with annoyance. "I just wanted to call to say sorry for getting you, me and the others into trouble." John sounded very guilty. "Its ok, I'm only on punishment for today but thanks for saying sorry. Ok then see ya." He says bye back to me and hangs up. I give the phone back to my mom and she leaves.

(Maybe I should have told my parents were I was going. They were probably searching for me all throughout the house for me, worrying about me,) I wanted to finish but I felt too guilty to continue to talking to myself. Instead I start to drift off into sleep exhausted from the day.