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Chapter 1

Stars twinkled and glittered in the night sky, they were numerous, infinite maybe. They were so beautiful, dazzling; sweet delicious candy for my eyes. I was just absolutely mesmerized; I didn't get times like this often. Not a single cloud in sight or skyscraper to hurt this scene of nature. Just pure bliss, no other words could describe it. I wished my days were always like this, peaceful, filled with joy and happiness but hey one like me could only wish. It was all because of him.

"Hey there you are." My ears twitch, it was him. Great, I just had to push my luck and now he's here. Why was he here, why at this moment? I was enjoying myself until he came along; why doesn't he just leave me alone! He was just standing there sounding all nice and innocent, like everything was all right but it wasn't! Trying to start a conversation like we were friends, it just infuriated me!

I get up from my original laying position into a sitting position; the dewed grass underneath me rustling loudly. The smell of the grass calmed me on most occasions but this one wasn't one of those occasions. Actually, it got me even angrier. It reminded me of the good times with him and I definitely didn't want to be reminded of those! My mind came to despise those memories because of his actions; it's his fault my life turned into a living nightmare.

He takes a few steps forward, my hands grip tightly onto the grass; I needed to control my anger. Even though he did wrong and I truly hated him for it, I didn't want my emotions getting the better of me. I just continued to stare at the grass, a resentful glare plastered on my face. Time slowly went by and things began to get awkward for him, I'm still dealing with my anger.

"Sorry…" Did he just say what I thought he'd never say? No he couldn't have, it's impossible; it's just not like him! It's just that … he never ever said sorry before, why is he saying sorry now, I can't believe it, I won't! But he sounded so remorseful like he actually meant it … no don't believe him! He's only trying to lead me back to a false sense of trust and love only to crush my heart again. I don't want a feeling like that ever again, it pained me too much to deal with it once but if he does it again I don't know what I would do.

He obviously knew I wasn't in the mood for talking but he kept on, why would he though? "I'm terribly sorry for-" "Sorry, sorry doesn't begin to describe what you did to me." My voice brimmed venomously with hatred; just speaking to him got my blood boiling even further. "I know sorry won't change anything but …" "Yea your right; sorry can't change anything."

I stand up and start to walk away. I didn't have any more of a reason to talk to him. He just gets me so frustrated. "Before you go, I must tell you something." I stop and look towards the ground, what else had he wanted to say, nothing he said would change anything.

"You have to learn to forgive me, if you don't it'll …" I didn't want to listen to anymore of the trash escaping his mouth. All his words were lies, everything he said to me was a lie, and it was all just one big fat lie. I don't need to forgive him, why should I forgive someone who doesn't need forgiveness. Plus what would forgiveness do give me comfort; bah I doubt that! I walk back home leaving him alone.

How long has it been since I saw him? Probably a year ago before he left us. Much has changed over that year and my life has changed drastically because of him. We were barely getting by so half of my summer was filled with strenuous working to make end's meat. I had to be taken out of specialized school because my family couldn't afford it. Now my Summer Vacation is over and my mom threw me into any school at the last minute. I never heard of this school, never even seen it at all. Well I suppose change is good, right?

Anyway, it's September 1, 2289 in Leta, District 1. It's the first day of school for me; it's a new chapter in my life.

Chapter 1 When You Left