Out of all the chapters up so far, this one was hard to finish the ending. I was struggling to finish the ending so If it is seen as choppy or bad please tell me how to fix it. Suggestions or anything. Aside from that enjoy.

The penguin and I decided to sit down; he thought it was best to get to know each other. Personally I wanted to decline. I wasn't very social with many people, let alone animals but I resisted the urge to say no. I sat near the window, while he sat beside from me.

I wasn't too shocked at the penguin sitting beside me. If a pig was driving a school bus and the bus had grass growing out from every nook and cranny, then I just had to suspect the odd, right. Though that didn't mean it wasn't odd sitting near this penguin.

I didn't have much to say to the penguin, I wasn't accustomed to talking to animals. So I simply stared out the window, observing the cars driving by. It all looked like a blur because of how fast we were going. It was surprising that such a big bus could drive this quick.

"Hello there human, it is nice to meet you." The penguin said politely. I turn away from the window and see the penguin smiling at me. "Uhh hey there." This felt really awkward. An animal talking to me, unlike before were it was shocking this was just odd. A sudden silence came afterward between us; it lasted way to long for comfort. The penguin was probably looking for something to say unlike me who just wanted to stay quiet. Just the sound of the bus' roars and the pigs grumbles.

This silence was sure making me feel uncomfortable, like something eerie was looming over me. Maybe the best idea was to ask him one of my many questions. I clear my throat getting the attention of the penguin. "Hey, why does the outside of the bus look so bad on the outside?" The penguin seemed relief the minute I opened my mouth. It was as if he was itching to answer my question; I even thought I caught a glimpse of a smile forming.

"Well, that's from last year. All the animals, including teachers had thrown a part y of sorts the very last day of school. Threw a whole bunch of berries and other byproducts on the wall, causing those stains." Wait did the penguin say "All the animals", what did he mean by that?

"'All the animals?' What do you mean by that?" The penguin looked at me as if I was stupid, I didn't understand why though. What was so wrong with me asking this question? That expression changed suddenly into a laugh; almost like he was laughing at me. All I did was just look at the penguin, utterly confused.

"You aren't very bright human, are you?" The penguin said an arrogant smile on his face. I easily took offense to the comment, it really struck me. I didn't suspect the penguin, to offend me like that; I assumed he was a kind-hearted fellow.

"Hey, you don't need to be rude!" I whine. I glare at him but my glare he shrugged it off. I wasn't the greatest when it came to intimidating people, let alone animals nor acting tough. "Really, it's quite a surprise you haven't at least realized this school were going to is made for mostly wild animals, not humans." Arrogance and pride beamed from the penguins words.

Why didn't I realize it sooner, this bus wasn't made for humans; it was made for animals! That explained why the bus driver was a pig and one of the students was a penguin. Why didn't my mom realize that this school was made for animals not humans before signing me up?

I felt embarrassed right now, the anger before long gone. I kind of deserved feeling that way, I should've noticed something was afoot the minute I saw the bus. My cheeks flushed a deep red but it came unnoticed from the penguin, thank god. It would've been twice as embarrassing if he noticed.

A couple of seconds later, the penguin began talking again. "I never got to properly introduce myself human." The penguin gets up from its seat and turns toward me, the black fur behind him. I watched, thinking to myself. "He doesn't need to be prideful on everything he does…" He stood with pride a little too much if you tell me. I was starting to get a different impression about this penguin and its arrogant ways.

The penguin opened his beak to talk but the fur behind him had caught my attention. It began to wiggle lightly. That wiggling turned into shuffling creating a lot of noise. The penguin didn't seem to notice the noise or was ignoring it. Yet when he realized I wasn't paying attention to him, he got frustrated.

"What is it that's so interesting?" I couldn't tell if he was angry with me or trying to be firm, it was so plain. Though I could tell the bird really didn't like losing his attention. "Uhh it's the fur behind you, it's moving." "Yes so, it just my friend sleeping. What is so awe inspiring about that?" I look back at him and then back to the fur. He had a point, what was interesting about his sleeping friend?

The black fur jumps off the seat, standing on all fours. It was a black bear. Like many other bears I've read about, it is big. Had black, coarse fur and short blackish claws. A stubby tail, like many other bears and had small round ears. His eyes were a dark hazel.

"Uhg, what's with all the noise?" The bear complained, rubbing its snout and eyes with one of its paws. "Well it looks like you woke him up human." He said, looking at his dazed friend with annoyance. The way it sounded, the penguin didn't seem to enjoy his company. Then why did the penguin refer to him as a friend?

I ignore the penguin's comment, he was getting on my nerves and I just met the the corner of my eye, I noticed light wasn't shining through the window. I take my attention off of the two animals and on to the window. I head over to the window and slide the window open.

The bus was travelling through a tunnel, a dark tunnel. I had never been through a tunnel, it was amazing.