It is a value,

It is a promise,

It is a strength.

Not always everlasting,

Not always true,

Not always what you think.

Some pretend,

Some didn't intend,

Some were there since the beginning.

Those should be cherished.

They should be kept.

They're the ones to keep.

Friendship isn't about using one,

It is about supporting one another,

Each other.

Friends don't leave you,

Can those be called true friends?

Or are they just acquantinces?

Friends don't break promises,

Friends don't make promises that are too big,

Friends keep their word.

If one tries to become everyones' best friend,

Then one cannot pass the close friend line.

Then they are just a friend and merely a friend.

Even though friends are just there,

They do a lot more than you think,

such as cheering you up when you're down.

For me, there is only one friend that I rely on for this.

And only one that I can trust.

The rest just wouldn't know what to do.