Sometimes I feel happy,

Like my heart is singing a song.

Other times I feel lazy,

I don't do a thing at all.

Sometimes I feel inspired

To write things much like this.

And often I'm simply confused.

I have no clue how to handle this.

Sometimes I feel different,

Like I'm not who I should be.

At times I even feel successful,

But it's not very often sadly.

But the worst emotion of all,

The one I simply dread,

Is the emptiness I feel when I am sad.

Like nothing matters, I feel like I'm dead.

The pang of my heart aches to be comforted.

The subconscious of my mind attacks when I'm in this state.

It makes me feel worthless.

A sorry feeling I feel when I'm sad.

My very being aches.

After awhile I come out of my slump,

Still wounded but ready to go.

Ready to face another wave of emotions,

Ready to face the world once again,

Ready to try and tell my mind whose boss,

And to lose the battle all over again.

This is what happens when I'm left alone.

I'm baaaaack...