A/N: Alrighty! This one's in Afrikaans, translation following, about an angel in the form of a Quatern, another French-style poem. I think I might have explained it before, if not, here it is anyway: 'U' (or 'u') in Afrikaans is the respective form, kind of like 'vous' in French. Capital 'U' is generally used when referring to a divine entity, like God or similar. Also, the last line in the first and fourth stanzas can't really be translated into a proper English sentence in that order, so try to bear with how I translated it. Lastly, 'verkyk' is to stare, but in wonder and amazement, as if you are a little stupefied by what you see (not necessarily in a good way, either, but that's all in context). Enjoy, and review!


Engel, die vere van U vlerk,
Heilig silwer en sneeu-wit veer;
Hare van goud, en hemel-oë
Verkyk ek my aan U, Engel.

'n Goue kring om 'n hemels gesig,
Heilig sliwer en sneeu-wit veer
Is waarvan U vlerk gemaak is,
U hart van genade en gees.

Die mooiste gesig wat U het,
Vol liefde en vol vertroue…
Hare van goud, en hemel-oë
So sag en gaaf, liewe Engel.

Engel, U kan ek nie verstaan,
U wonderlike maniere,
U mense geseën met liefde; O!
Verkyk ek my aan U, Engel!

Angel, the feathers of your wing,
Holy silver and snow-white feather;
Hair of gold, and heaven-eyes
[I] Stare at you, Angel!

A golden circlet around a heavenly face,
Holy silver and snow-white feather
Is what your wing is made of,
Your heart full of grace and joy.

The most beautiful face you have,
Full of love and full of trust…
Hair of gold, and heaven-eyes
So soft and kind, dear Angel.

Angel, you I cannot understand,
Your wonderful ways,
Your people blessed with love; O!
[I] Wonder at you, Angel!