Naked in the Night (PG-13)

Gary and I had been best friends for years, neighborhood pals who did everything together including sleeping out in each other's backyards ever since Gary got a neat tent for his tenth birthday. At first, it was scary to be outside all night on our own and I don't think I even made it all the way through the night the first time but as we got used to it and grew a little older, backyard summer sleep outs happened at least once a week all summer long.
Gary and I became experts at setting up the tent in about thirty seconds flat and over the years we established our own expertise and sleep out inventory - coolers, sleeping bags, air mattresses, comic books, a radio for baseball games, flashlights, bug repellent, a whistle in case there was any danger, and even our own "piss can" so we wouldn't have to go inside.

The comic books were eventually replaced by Playboy and other men magazines we could get our hands on and our innocence was eventually overpowered by adolescent male discovery and exploration. What that means is that we beat off together in the tent when we were like thirteen looking at the smut rags. It was all pretty innocent and natural, really even if I must admit it sounds pretty gross and disgusting. We were laying there in our sleeping bags turning the pages of the porno sheets one night and I looked over at my best friend and I saw that he was rubbing the lump in the front of his shorts. After a while, he pulled his dick out of his shorts and he began to stroke himself like I wasn't even there as he continued to stare at the naked photos. I felt kind of weird at first that he was beating off in front of me but I couldn't take my eyes off of him as I watched him stoking his hard cock. He was about as big as I was with a little more hair than I had.

Nothing happened that time but it wasn't long before we were sleeping out again and this time I watched as Gary actually masturbated himself until the white stuff came shooting out of his dick and it was very strange to watch.

I eventually got up the nerve to go all the way in front of him and I saw him checking me out too. We both looked at each other while we pounded our cocks until we climaxed ourselves but we never talked about it and eventually we grew out of beating off to magazines in front of each other under the tent.

We did become bolder in our other adventures though. In the beginning, sneaking ten feet away from the tent was a big deal but as the years progressed we developed a game that found us roaming the sleeping neighborhood in the middle of the night exploring and looking for adventure whether it was trying to peep into people's houses, listening on fights through screened windows, or conducting minor vandalism on people we didn't like. Of course, our secret fantasy was that we would come across somebody naked in a window but that never happened.

Our late night excursions were like a game of hide-n-go-seek because if we saw a car or person coming we would hide behind trees or parked cars or hedges so we wouldn't be seen, convinced that if we were caught we would be hauled down to the cop station for breaking curfew or something.

Sometimes we would skinny dip in Gary's pool if nobody was home and if we were really daring we would prance naked from my house to his (about six houses away) if the tent was in my yard just to see if we could get away it. (We did, several times!)

We were six years into our sleeping out career and Gary and I both knew our days were numbered. We were sixteen now and sleeping out in a tent with another guy was getting lame pretty quick. Of course, our secret fantasy now was that we'd get a girl into the tent as we grew older! We were in high school and we knew it was time to let go of little boy traditions and habits. Gary was dating Karen Nettleson and he was playing football. I had a job at Fontaine's Family Grocery Store and was taking driver's ed. We were becoming big boys now.

But one Friday night we found ourselves putting up the tent for a sleep out for old times sake if nothing else. Gary's parents were out of town and he had nothing better to do so we figured we'd give it one last hurrah. This time there was beer in the cooler instead of coke and pretzels instead of potato chips. We shot the shit as usual about what was up and what we hoped and all the usual bull crap that neither one of us really believed but shared anyway.
"If I tell you something do you promise not to tell anyone?" Gary asked as he nursed a beer.
"Sure, what is it?"
"I saw Karen naked last week," he announced.
"Get out, really?" I said excitedly.
"I was waiting for her in her bedroom and she came out of the bathroom after her shower with just a towel wrapped around her but the towel got caught on the door knob and it came off," he told me. "She saw me sitting there on the bed but she didn't cover up right away so I saw her completely naked. Her nipples were hard and I saw her pussy clearly because apparently she shaves," he revealed.
"Wow, I wish I was there."

"Then she turned around to get the towel and I saw her ass totally naked too!"
"You lucky bastard," I groaned.
"I sure did jack off when I got home that night!" Gary laughed. "But the thing that got me was she didn't seem to care that I saw her naked," he observed. "She didn't scream or get embarrassed or try to cover herself up. She just sort of kind of said 'opps' and then just wrapped the towel back around herself and then went into the closet to get dressed."
"Gee, I got a hard on just listening to you tell me about it," I told him.
"You wanna beat off?" Gary asked.
"Haven't we out grown that?" I laughed.
"That was cool seeing her though," Gary said with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Maybe she's ready to take it to the next level," I suggested.

"You think?" Gary asked hopefully.

"I think once you see your girl naked all systems are go," I said.

"I hope so," Gary said happily.

After a few more beers, we slipped out of the tent to take our customary exploration walk around the neighborhood. We walked quietly down the driveway to the street and then down the block looking for anything of interest, like a party or something. We no longer played our hide-n-go-seek game. We figured the worse that would happen now was that some cop would approach us and tell us to go home. Unfortunately for us, nothing seemed to be going on around the neighborhood so we walked back to my house whispering about nothing important.

When we walked into the backyard we noticed a flashlight flicking on and off coming from Heidi's room next door. Heidi was around our age and we were friendly with her. I knew her as a next door neighbor growing up and we used to hang out together doing neighborhood stuff but the last few years we mostly did our separate high school routine.

There were a few times in the early years when we first started sleeping out when Heidi would send us a signal with her flashlight and we would sneak over to her window late at night and whisper-talk to her but it had been years since the last time that happened.

Gary and I tiptoed through the hedges to the next yard and over to her first floor window and we peeked inside. It was dark but we saw Heidi squatting at the window.

"Hey guys," she greeted us when we reached the screen of the window. "What's up?"

"What are you guys doing out so late?" A second voice asked.

"Who's that?" Gary asked with surprise.

"It's Cassie," Heidi let us know.

Cassie lived a few blocks away. I didn't know her as well as Heidi but she was okay as far as her personality went and she was as good looking as Heidi. Cassie wore her blonde hair in a shag style and she was shorter and more petite than Heidi who was tall with long black hair she usually wore in braids. She had more meat on her bones and she was much more outgoing than Cassie who tended to be shy.

"Oh, you're sleeping over?" I asked Cassie.

"Duh," she replied.

"I told Cassie how you guys sleep out in the tent in the summer," Heidi said.

"I think this is our swan song," I admitted.

"Really?" Heidi asked with surprise. "How come?"

Gary shrugged. "New frontiers to explore."

"You shouldn't be out so late," Cassie reprimanded us.

"Chill out, Cass," Heidi replied. "They're just out fooling around."

"Do you want to fool around with us?" Gary asked.

"What'd you have in mind?" Heidi teased.

"Bad idea," Cassie warned.

"Could we come in?" I asked.

"No way!" Cassie snapped, looking very annoyed.

Heidi laughed. "Sure, but you have to be very quiet."

"Are you completely crazy?" Cassie barked.

"Come on, Cassie, let's have some fun," Heidi replied.

"Want to come out here with us instead?" Gary asked.

Cassie and Heidi exchanged looks.

"I don't think so," Cassie decided.

"We'll be right out," Heidi overruled.

I could hear Cassie swearing under her breath.

"We'll wait for you by the tent," I said with approval.

Gary and I exchanged triumphant looks as we returned to my yard. This was turning out to be the best sleep out ever!
Heidi and Cassie appeared a few minutes later dressed in shorts and tee shirts and sneakers.

"How'd you get out?" I asked.

"Through my window," Heidi replied. "My parents will never know."

"Now what?" Cassie asked suspiciously. "Now that we're out here, what do we do now?"

"Spin the bottle?" Heidi giggled.

"Post office?" Gary laughed.

"I'm not doing any of the stupid stuff," Cassie protested. "I told you this was going to be dumb," she complained to Heidi.

"We could go swimming," Gary suggested.

"It is a nice night," I agreed.

"The pool's heated anyways," Gary said. "And my parents are gone."

"We don't have suits," Cassie pointed out.

"We don't need suits!" Gary grinned.

"That's perverted!" Cassie complained.

"Oh, will you relax?" Heidi growled. "We're just talking."

"Let's go into the tent and talk some more," I said.

Gary pulled back the door flap and I went in first. Heidi willingly followed but Cassie hesitated.

"It's okay," Gary assured her. "We're not going to do anything."

"Come on, Cassie, chill," Heidi told her.

Cassie made a face and reluctantly came into the tent. Gary followed her, closing the flap behind him. The tent was comfortably crowded with the four of us inside and I tried to remember if we'd ever had four people in the tent before.

Heidi sat down on my sleeping bag and I handed her a beer from the cooler. She gladly opened it and took a swig but Cassie waved hers off when Gary offered her one. She folded her arm across her chest in a defensive posture and collapsed next to Heidi with a distrusting look on her face.

"You guys have been sleeping out in this thing for years," Heidi said with a nostalgic smile.

"Yep," I said proudly. "A tradition for many a year."

"And you've been swimming before too, right?" Heidi said with a smirk as she took another swig of her beer.

"Sure, plenty of times," Gary replied as he squatted down next to me. "Why do you ask?"

"I've seen you a few times," she said knowingly.

Gary and I exchanged surprised looks and I couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

"What do you mean?" Cassie asked with confusion.

"They swam naked," Heidi explained.

"You mean skinny dipping?" Cassie asked with surprise.

"Well, its skinny dipping once you go into the water with no clothes on," Heidi said. "But the pool isn't here, is it?"

"So what?" Cassie was still confused.

"Sometimes we would leave here naked," I said, blushing.

"What?" Cassie asked with disbelief.

"Naked in the night," Gary said with a laugh.

"They'd run from here to Gary's house naked to go swimming," Heidi revealed.

"Oh, so you saw?" Gary said with a wide grin, apparently not in the least bit embarrassed unlike me who suddenly felt pretty stupid about the whole thing.

"Wait - isn't Gary's house far away?" Cassie asked.

"Six houses away," Gary said proudly.

"And you'd go there naked?" Cassie asked with shock.

"Not down the middle of the street, Cassie," I said with an eye roll. "Through the back yards."

"And you never got caught?" Cassie asked with surprise.

"Well, it would appear Heidi caught us," Gary laughed.

"Several times," Heidi giggled. "I used to wait up just to see if you'd sneak out. And then I'd have to wait until and you came back, of course!"

"How long have you been doing this?" Cassie wondered.

"I think we were thirteen when we first did it," Gary recalled.

"Yeah, it was July 7th of that year," Heidi laughed.

"How the hell do you know that?" I frowned.

"I wrote it in my diary," Heidi grinned.

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" I asked.

"And spoil the fun?" Heidi laughed. "You're lucky I didn't tell every girl in the school. I could have charged admission for god sakes."

"We always waited until everybody was asleep," I said.

"You only thought I was asleep," Heidi giggled.

"I don't know who's more perverted," Cassie complained. "You two degenerates for streaking the damn neighborhood or you, Heidi, for watching."

"Heidi, definitely," I said, slightly annoyed and terribly humiliated. "We weren't hurting anybody."

"Hey, it's not my fault you were dumb enough to do it," Heidi replied.

"Whose dumb idea was itt?" Cassie asked.

Gary and I looked at each other and tried to remember how it started.

"I think Gary dared me one time," I recalled.

"We were going in naked when we got there so I figured why not save a step?" Gary laughed.

I glanced at Heidi and blushed again when I realized she had been watching me naked for years. "You didn't see anything else did you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?" Heidi wondered.

"Never mind," Gary spoke up giving me a look as if to say shut up.

I would have been doubly horrified if Heidi saw us beating off all those years ago too.

"I always thought we'd get busted naked by one of our parents," Gary admitted. "That would have been really embarrassing!"

"This is pretty embarrassing," I sighed.

"I think it's a turn on, sort of," Gary grinned, giving Heidi a knowing look.

"You mean Karen doesn't know?" Heidi teased.

"I was working my way up to asking her if she'd go skinny dipping with me," Gary admitted. He looked at Heidi. "But now I think you owe us."

"Yeah, right," Heidi laughed.

"No, really, I think all four of us should go naked in the night tonight," Gary said. "You're already an honorary member of the club by default, Heidi. You should join us officially."

"What does it feel like?" Heidi asked.

"Why are you even asking?" Cassie said with annoyance.

"It's exhilarating," Gary told her. "Freeing. Totally liberating."

"It's daring and exciting," I admitted. "Breaking the rules, doing something really extreme, and being one with nature. It's a natural high because you're frightened and excited at the same time."

"Did you ever almost get caught?" Heidi wondered.

"One time the Garrison's stupid dog was outside and started barking its damn fool head off," Gary laughed. "I thought we'd get busted for sure that time."

"Another time, a car pulled into the McCarthy's driveway," I reported. "Its headlights shined right on us. I can't imagine how whoever was in that car didn't see us."

"Well, who was in the car?" Cassie asked.

"Never found out," I replied. "Nothing was ever said and I wasn't about to ask!"

"So, what do you say?" Gary asked hopefully, glancing at the girls. "Do you want to?"

"Want to what?" Heidi asked.

"Run naked in the night?" Gary offered.

Heidi looked at Cassie and smiled.

"No way in hell am I doing anything like that!" Cassie exclaimed.

"I don't know, it sort of sounds like fun," Heidi reasoned.

I looked at her with surprise. "You wouldn't really do it, would you?"

Heidi smiled. "Are you daring me?"

"Yes, I'm daring you!" Gary spoke up.

"I don't know if I want to get naked in front of girls," I admitted shyly.

"Heidi's already seen you a hundred times, you idiot!" Gary laughed. "What difference does it make now?"

"You're not serious about this are you?" Cassie asked Heidi and I had the same thought in my head.

"Sounds like it could be kind of fun," Heidi replied.

"It's inappropriate!" Cassie protested.

"It's not dangerous," Heidi rebutted.

"Just scandalous," I muttered.

"Okay, then, let's go!" Gary said enthusiastically.

"You first," I said nervously.

Gary shrugged and started peeling off his clothes effortlessly.

"Oh my God!" Cassie squealed, turning away.

Heidi laughed and turned her back too but I was shocked when she started taking off her clothes.

"You're not really going to do this," I said in an almost panic.

'Hey, you only live once," Heidi reasoned and I did a double take when I realized she was naked with her lovely buns staring at me. She glanced over her shoulder. "You're next, Ron."

"You're all nuts," Cassie proclaimed with disgust.

"For once in my life, I'd like to do something outrageous," Heidi countered. "No animals were hurt in the making of this motion picture."

"What about your dignity?" Cassie challenged. "Your modesty? Your integrity?"

"Who's going to tell?" Heidi shrugged.

"Come on, Ron, step on it," Gary said standing there naked with his hands cupping his groin.

I probably would have chickened out if Heidi hadn't stripped naked. But if she was willing to give it (and show it) her all I figured I might as well be in. I felt weird getting naked in front of Cassie who was unwilling to go along with out little game but I didn't want Heidi to think I was a wimp so I turned my back and slipped out of my clothes while Cassie continued to mumble, curse and complain under her breath.

When I was totally nude, I turned to see Heidi still looking at me over her shoulder. I had my hands over my balls like Gary and I heard Heidi suck in her breath as she finally turned around with her hands over her pubs but I got a look at her lovely breasts and I couldn't fathom that this was actually happening.

"What if somebody sees you?" Cassie demanded.

"We haven't been caught yet," Gary replied.

"You'll be the school slut," Cassie warned Heidi.

"Nothing bad's going to happen," Gary advised.

"You can bring my clothes with us," Heidi told Cassie. "I can always get dressed if something happens."

"Let's go," Gary commanded and he led us out of the tent.

Cassie went next shaking her head followed by Heidi with me bringing up the rear, sort of speak. Gary and I could be-line a path to his pool with our eyes closed. Through the hedge to the Polier yard, over the small garden fence into the Garrison property, through the tree line into the McCarthy yard, behind their garage into the Dotson driveway (probably the closest we got to anybody's house, zig-zag under the brush into the Hendricks yard and then through the broken gate into the Higgins yard and then it was a clear shot into Gary's yard and the fenced in heated built-in pool.

Gary had to keep telling Cassie to be quiet as she continued to voice her disapproval but I had no regrets as I followed Heidi's wonderful backside through the night. She turned back a few times and smiled at me and I didn't even bother trying to cover myself up anymore. She stumbled once and laughed as I helped her back to her feet and that time I got a full view of her dark pubic hair.

We were breathing hard by the time we got to Gary's pool but there hadn't been one sign of life or recognizable noise and we knew we had made it free and clear.

"That was great!" Heidi said with wide eyes. "I've never done anything so brazen before!"

"It is fun, isn't it?" I agreed.

"You're all weirdos," Cassie complained but I noticed that she had stopped looking away or covering her eyes as the three of stood naked at the side of Gary's pool.

"I'm going in," Gary announced as he dove into the deep end.

Heidi walked to the ladder and climbed into the pool. "The water's warm," she announced once her buns were under the water line.

I waited until she was in the water before I dove into. We were splashing around and laughing with amused and relieved delight. Cassie picked up an inflatable ball from the deck and tossed it to Gary.

"You should join us," he said but Cassie blushed and shook her head no.

Gary tossed the ball to at me but I missed it so Heidi and I swam to it and wrestled for it. I was wrestling in the water with a naked girl!

"Don't make so much noise," Cassie warned.

"My parents aren't home," Gary reminded her.

"Yeah, well the neighbors are," Cassie replied.

"They can't see with the fence," Gary assured her.

"This is still so stupid," Cassie said.

"It really feels great, Cassie," Heidi said with a smile. "You should try it."

"I'm not getting naked in front of guys," Cassie said.

"No one's forcing you to," Heidi replied as she lay on her back and floated on the water surface.

Cassie looked at Heidi for a long moment. Gary was swimming in the deep end and not really paying attention and I was resting on the side of the pool pretending I wasn't either but I did have one eye on Heidi, fascinated at the way her breasts were sticking out of the water and the way her pubic hair was all mounded together from the water.

Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed with surprise that Cassie had begun to

undress. All of a sudden she was completely naked in front of us. Gary and I watched in

silence as she stepped onto the diving board and jumped into the pool.

"Welcome to the club," Gary said with a grin.

"It was kind of warm out," Cassie said with a blush. "I figured I could use a swim."

I swam around with Heidi for a few minutes and then we rested on the side of the pool.

"I can't believe you actually went along with this," I said.

"Me either," she admitted with a giggle. "But after watching you guys for so long I wanted to see what it was like."

"You must have thought we were two total freaks," I remarked.

Heidi shrugged. "The first time I saw you guys I almost fainted," she revealed. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing! But after that, I sort of wanted to see you. And I admired your courage."

"Well, thanks for letting us see you," I smiled.

"I can't believe Cassie finally let go," Heidi said, glancing over her shoulder and looking at her friend who was now floating on her back the way Heidi had been a few minutes earlier.

With her light and thin pubic hair, I could pretty much see all of Cassie's pinkness and her pert little small tits looked almost like little pyramids sticking out of the water.

I noticed that Heidi's nipples were sticking out hard as she stood next to me.

"Is that supposed to happen?" I asked, motioning toward her breasts.

"It happens when a girl gets excited," she explained. She glanced down between my legs. "Sort of like a guy down there."

"It's sort of hard to get excited in the water," I replied with some embarrassment.

She reached down and touched my penis and it immediately sprang to life. "No it's not," she laughed.

If I wasn't holding on to the side of the pool I probably would have drowned right there.

"I kept checking you out every time you ran naked in the night," Heidi admitted. "You look a lot different now then you were when you were thirteen."

"You too," I blushed.

"I had never seen a boy naked before," Heidi revealed.

"You're the first girl I ever saw naked," I admitted.

"So I guess that means I'm the second," Cassie remarked as she joined us.

"I hope you don't feel bad about this but I'd never seen a naked girl up

Close so this really means a lot to me," I replied. "Gary accidently saw Karen nude last week."

"How do you accidentally see somebody naked?" Cassie asked.

"Her towel fell off," Gary explained as he swam over to us.

"Do you think she'd be jealous if she knew what you were doing now?" Heidi wondered.

"Oh, yea," Gary laughed.

I looked at Heidi's pretty face. I never thought of her this way before but she was really a pretty girl and very sexy looking right now for obvious reasons but strangely I really didn't feel all that turned on. Mostly, I just feel comfortable and happy and content. I leaned over and kissed her on her cheek then I whispered in her ear. "Thanks for trusting us," I said.

Heidi smiled and I was taken aback when she moved her lips over mine and kissed me.

"That was totally awesome," I grinned when she broke away.

"Yes, it was," Heidi agreed with another smile.

"What's this, your first date or something?" Cassie asked sarcastically.

"Well, what a memorable first date it would be!" I laughed.

"We all belong to the same club now, that's all," Heidi reasoned.

Gary swam over to the ladder and got out of the pool, disappearing into the house and returning a few minutes later with some towels, some sodas, and some cookies.

Cassie climbed out of the side of the pool and I couldn't help but get a good peek at her ass crack and more as she stood and accepted a towel from Gary.

Heidi and I swam to the ladder and I let Heidi go up first, admiring her round rump one more time before she wrapped a towel around herself. The four of us stood under the moonlight and stars wrapped in our towels drinking soda and eating cookies but not really saying much.

When we were finished, we handed Gary our towels and he hung them on the fence before the four of us bolted from the fence and made our way naked in the night back across the six yards to my yard and the tent. We all went inside and quietly dressed together.

"Well, see you around," Heidi replied, giving me a kiss on the cheek and nodding toward Gary.

"You won't say anything about this, right?" Cassie asked nervously.

"The club is sworn to secrecy," Gary informed her. "What we saw and did here stays here."

"Okay," Cassie agreed.

The two girls disappeared out the tent and Gary and I looked at each other and grinned happily.

"Well, that only took six years," Gary remarked.

"It was worth the wait," I replied.

Sadly, the club pretty much ended that night. Gary got seriously involved with Karen and we didn't sleep out anymore. I'd see Cassie around school and smile at her but we never said anything about our naked in the night adventure.

Heidi and I continued to be good neighbors and we even went to a movie together once but she started dating some guy from Sun Rise Lake School for Boys and nothing ever became of our time in the pool together.

But I never forgot that night!