"This other world…" Images of the convoluted realm flickered through my mind; macrobiotic skyscrapers and the people with obsidian eyes were amongst the worst. "How can it be a reflection of Earth?"

Kyde smiled, his bottomless jet eyes crinkled around the corners. "Because, for all the sanity and rationality this world has..." He ran the tips of his spindly fingers down my neck, resting on my breastbone, above my thundering heart. "My world has magic and mayhem in spades."

If it were not for the kinship we shared, his touch would've long since kept us apart. As it was, the shivers rolling down my spine were from the thought that I belonged to such a world.

He withdrew; an apologetic smile twitched the corners of his tart lips.

"Darker things lie beyond the simplest of reflections, little Alice. So watch out for the Faed…"