Part 1-14 : Sudden Inquiry

"Miss Stella, I've been trying to ask something for a while, do you know something about the 'seeds of knowledge' around here? We've been trying to search for it until now."

On the dining table, Carla tried asking our homely Guildmaster for some information regarding our quest. Well, I don't really know for sure where this world is taking me but I could somehow felt the thing that old man Regulus told me earlier before entering this world through the towers' entrance. Yes, this world is very dangerous to my sanity, though I somehow pondered whether I did have a sane mind to begin with.

"Sorry, I know not what you're talking about, Carla Sutherland. Though it deeply concerns me why you want to go into such lengths in order to gain that certain 'treasure', is that thing really that important to you?"

Carla's shoulders slumped, the atmosphere between her and miss Stella suddenly darkens, the lovely visage of both of them sitting together at the dining table, eating the dinner with such joyous expression, all of that were gone after she decided to brought up the question.

"I see..."

Carla lets out a short remark with a heavy sigh.

In the past I asked her that question a few times, it seems that she tried to change the topic each time I tried to inquire about it. Did she tried to hide something from me?

For myself, I think that, I felt much better off adventuring with her, rather than being kept inside this prison which is my family who treats me like a mere slave, it's been my livelong dream to be completely freed from them. To tell you the truth, even though she's really stubborn and rude at times, she's truly a fun person to chat with, not to mention she's so adorable and caring to me during our travels, it was due to her support while facing perilous challenges that I'm able to get this far.

"There...there, don't be sulking all of sudden, Carla."

Stella reached out to Carla's head and gently strokes her hair. As Stella's sitting beside her in the dining table it's easy enough to stretch her arms out to give Carla a warm embrace, but...

"Get your hands off me."

A sharp retort quickly came from her, that makes Stella hurriedly pulls her own hand back.

"Sorry, Stella. It's not like that I don't want to accept your kindness. It's just, I felt a bit sick now and I want some time alone to clear my thoughts."

Saying this, she went upstairs to where the guest rooms are. Speaking of which, Carla and I will be sleeping in a separate room.

Oh boy, there she goes again...


"So, Monsieur Kirk, are you trying to tell me that, both of you and Madamoiselle Carla came thus far by relying on a novel? That's preposterous! Furthermore, I just cannot comprehend your statement that you originated from the outside world."

"It's not like that, Monsieur Leonard. We do ask for directions, and I found that novel in this city of Roswell Dale, which I think do interest me since the synopsis of their adventures were kinda similar to what my current adventure holds. We, as adventurers, obtained our findings by relying on whichever sound clues could be discover, and putting our trust on our honest feelings as we move forward."

Furthermore, I think the novel's also based by the old historical documents pertaining the adventures of King Damascus in Avalon, this one seems to be an adaptation of some sort. The author's name seem to imply that he's possibly one of the scholar elves who does have much of a passion for historical events, he's definitely a historian for sure, and boy he does explain things so vividly for someone who reads a lot, based on my assumptions.

"Ah I see, that definitely do clear things off. Well then, shall we begin our training?"

"Roger that, monsieur."

The room we're currently in, sir Leonard and I, were adorned in white colors, with walls and floors constructed from neatly arranged bricks, elegantly painted with masterful techniques. This one's located on the topmost floor, in this building having about four floors in total in addition of some tower buildings that can be accessed from the 4th floor. The 2nd Floor works as the guest room, and the 3rd is for the residence area of the guild members. I don't know about the 4th floor yet as we just passed it by.

We're currently in one of these towers, it does seem pretty spacious enough for a simple swordfight training, although we do need much more if we tried practicing archery or something like that. Various weapons are placed on the racks, from the usual short swords into the powerful Bastard Sword, Two-Edged Halberds, and even some powerful looking Two-Handed Hammer and some blunt weapons like a mace with the edge of a black steel-ball. There's a lot of them placed in the corner without much obstructing the area. I do see some light armors and various shields placed in.

"Please wait for a moment before we start, Monsieur Kirk."

He walks to one of the weapon racks and picked up a powerful looking two-handed sword, then he proceeds to take a large towel from his pocket and soon begins to gently polish the blade.

"Ah, okay. the way it really surprises me when three of you came to us fully naked should I put it."

"Hahaha, Madamoiselle Stella do tricked us again that time. Well, she did make us do crazier things in the past though."

What on earth? So what I've seen before wasn't the craziest thing they've ever done? My goodness, please spare my sanity!

"Well then mon, anytime you're ready. This blade of mine is called 'Zweihander'. I don't usually use them when sparring with an opponent unless I deem that person to be a really tough one. Oh yeah, feel free to pick your weapon of choice."

Sir Leon points his powerful two-handed sword right towards my direction with an intimidating smile. Even though we're just going for a simple sparring, I don't think he'll go easy on me at all. I should pick up something that will guarantee less injuries from this mighty-looking knight. all of these weapons, I don't really find anything that kinda suits me.

"Hey can I use this instead?" I took of my precious lighter from my jackets' pocket, the same one that made me finally see the light for the first time after entering the tower entrance at the beginning.

The label on the body reads 'Phoenix'

"Monsieur Kirk, are you kidding me? How on earth do you fight a two-handed sword with a mere lighter?"

"'s not just a 'mere lighter' like you say. According to these rumors, Odin created this lighter in order to demolish an entire army of Frost Giants and he greatly succeed. Well it's pretty fun to use and I managed to burn an entire legion of annoying Trents during my adventures using it."

"NO...NO...NOOOO! Please don't...use it, Monsieur Kirk...just use a normal weapon. I really hate to fight opponents with magical weapons like this, at least when I'm not wearing those enchanted armors."

Man, why so serious? Can't you tell that I'm just bluffing about it? Seriously it's Carla's powerful arcane spells that burned an entire legion of Trents and the only thing I did was just using that lighter to burn the entire forest because it's too dense that it made us lost our way.

"Feel free to pick any other weapon as long it's not magical."


"Well then, I'll take that toilet seat cover lying over there."

"Hey! Couldn't you just pick something more normal?"


"I'm sorry monsieur, but I think the usual weapons are too mainstream."