Part 2-14 : Stupidity

Well then, after stocking up a few items on the bag for direct use in battle, I slowly walked towards the debris-covered floors; just beside me, who's standing a bit far away from the door, there lies Rose, who's been rendered unconscious by Jasmine earlier. I felt sorry for both of them, especially Jasmine, since he kind of...sacrificed his life in order to open up the pathway for me.


There I noticed something that's left of him down the floor; it seems to be his weapon. Now that I look at it closely, it resembles a multi-purpose projectile shooter, meaning you can load various throwable objects like grenades, throwing knives, arrows, and many more, and it would shoot them at an incredibly fast rate. Well, it's kind of useless for me though, since it requires lot of patience and talent to be able to master this complex weapon.

Guess I'll keep this in my inventory as a memento, may his soul rest in peace in heavens above and forever I will cherish this as a treasured item.

'Multipurpose Launcher Obtained'

Carla might be able to use it since she's exceptionally talented and such, though in other hand it will definitely render myself useless, and I won't really have a chance to shine on in this story! So what should I do?


It seems to be coming from the Partner Link System, signified by the text bubble with the picture of a mobile phone popping out in front of me; this time I touched it with my fingers, and then I heard a kind of dial tone, which kind of surprised me, even more since right after that, it was...

"Kirk, where are you right now? You got me worried sick! Ahem, I couldn't really contact you last time when you're still inside that restroom. Man, these two guys who were with me earlier was so useless, they just ran away when they saw a Green Dragon, making me have to fight and slay it myself! What a bother..."

"H-hold it right there okay, Carla? Don't talk too fast, I can't really hear what you're saying. I'm currently undergoing a final showdown with the Fairy Godmother in order to obtain this information about Seeds of Knowledge, this will be a tough fight as for sure, please wish me..."

Then I heard a laughing voice from her, still contacting each other through the Link System.

"Kirk, your stupidity is like your usual huh? Anyway, I'll forgive you this time since you had obtained a very unique item. A Multi-Purpose launcher eh? Certainly it's an exotic product, but I didn't really feel like using it right away."

"B-but, it looks kinda complex to use."

"Hey there, if you kept relying on me to give you clues, when will you grow up to be able to become a person I can rely on? Seriously, please use that brain of yours a little. You already used a flamethrower before, right? That could work well when you tried fusing it together with that frightening lighter of yours, the rest was up to you to figure out!"

Fusing a launcher and a lighter? That doesn't make sense at all! Am I getting so ridiculously stupid I'm unable to figure anything out?

"H-hey...what if I kind of screwed up...and die?"


"We've already came this far with just two of us, there's no way you will die from just something like this, really. It's alright, I believe you can survive through this."


"You're a guy, right? And furthermore you had a big and tall posture that could carry on a tremendous weight with ease. Please have a lot more confidence in yourself, I believe you can do it..."


And then she hung up just like that, before I could even properly thank her.

At this moment, I felt truly pathetic.

She rarely ever encouraged me when I'm with her; it probably means that she's truly worried about me, huh. Then did she ever look at me as a man at all? Or just like a plain little brother that needed to be taken care of, each and every time because he can't just get anything right?

That fact alone kinda reminds me of something about her, something that's been truly difficult for me to put into words.

It's not about my prejudice that she's deeply affectionate to other girls, especially her own sister for the sake of pleasuring the desires of many Yuri lovers out there. How should I put the outside, she looks so mature and competent, though it might be the fact that she has the tremendous lust for perfection, that ultimately her heart won't be open for things to love someone else.

And when the time finally comes, her heart would be forever sealed from the reaches of another man, and ultimately closing in the prospect of becoming a full-fledged woman through the act of baking hot cakes together with another man.

Well you can't really write it as the act of 'that union' right? There's some young kids that had been reading this as of late, right?


At the second thought, I don't feel like fighting right at this moment, although I already stocked quite a bit of Megalixirs and other potions, in addition of useful items such as grenades and escape ropes.

"Gah...I'm such an useless guy."

Guess I'll go back to that place and go read some Romance manga until Carla finally came to my rescue. Though at a second thought, wouldn't it be filled with homosexual manga titles just to satisfy the delusional minds of young girls? Rose's place just earlier...if I remembered it correctly, I think there's a Yuri manga on the desk.

"Guess I'll go check it soon."

And so, I finally traced back and...



Due to reflex, I went and released a random grenade from the inventory; turning my body around, facing the direction of the target, using the kinetic energy from the propulsion of my hips to propel the grenade forward.

Then I realized one thing.

The grenade I'm holding in before was...the Thermonuclear Grenade.

Me and my stupidity for just randomly picking the grenades without further reading on the effects in the Help System first, in fact I just picked it up because the name sounds cool. But why did I got the feeling that this weapon might be extremely dangerous? Well I couldn't come up with a better reason, than...well I just got the feeling that it's dangerous, when it's already too late to notice.

And so, the old hag wearing gaudy clothes in front of me, whom I presumed to be the Fairy Godmother, gazed in the expression of utter shock seeing that my 'rotten balls' would be thrown right at her face that's already rotten with tons of rip-off make-ups.

Rather than running away, my stupidity finally realizes one brilliance about the integral meaning of 'futility'. So, rather than hightailing as far as possible, or even trying to guard my way through...all that I coudl do is just...


That was my last words before the grenade came off; blowing the entire place into smithereens.


No, actually the grenade just made a loud pop sound, and that's it.

Though the shocking atmosphere right before that already caused the Godmother to faint on the spot.

"Oh well, guess I'll just head back to Rose's place and read some manga instead."

And probably watch some random anime shows while I'm at it.