Floor 2

~ Journey Towards a Plastic Wonderland ~

Part 2-1 : Quetzalcoatl

That night, I saw a strange dream I haven't had before.

A woman so beautiful, brimming with eloquence sat on the throne filled with jeweleries emanating so many sparks of light having highly vibrant colors. The woman's behavior, albeit elegant, there's something about her that somehow gives me chills down my spine. Another interesting feature was her wearing a crown-like hat made of a really soft-looking silk and her facial features that gives me the impression of a woman underwent a plastic surgery to regain her looks.

"Rosaly." with a deep tone of voice, the woman spoke towards a person whose features weren't discernible since only her back were shown to me. The person whose name were being addressed with, she had an exotic-colored hair with the base color of silver, adorned with assorted vibrant colors that seem to float atop of her lustrous hair, vivid colors rendered half-transparent adorning the silver color of hers.

One thing I also noticed was about her wearing a really thin clothing which made my heart race.

No, Carla...please restrain yourself, it's just another girl...you can't be turned on just by seeing a girl with thin clothing!

"What is it, dearest mother?" replied the girl back, it seems she was afraid of that person whom she called 'mother'

"Bring forth the Celestial Sacrifices, it's about time we use them to replenish our youth. So said I, the great Fairy Godmother, to thee."


Sacrifices? The way she said that was really creepy!

"Certainly mother, we've always had them annually. But this time we've got something special that will guarantee our eternal youth for at least ten years."

I didn't like where this conversation was going.

"Who is this youth you speak of, Rosaly?"

The girl called Rosaly flicked her finger, which caused a large screen to appear out of thin air. Even if the direction of this conversation was really unpleasant, what really made me sick was...

"This is a healthy young man brimming with vitality, his name is Kirk Thompson."

It was his visage shown on that screen, he looked so miserable and hopeless, even more with that smile filled with naivety.

Realizing that it was really him, it brought forth a surge of uneasiness so great it finally awakens me.



The shock from that dream made me screamed on top of my voice, it really scares me if something were to happen to him. Who else would be more suitable to become my errand boy and usual punching bag? Uh, I'm so terrible...


Come to think of it, one of my hands seem to touch something soft and squishy, and although it's pretty small in size, the certain object feels really pleasant to touch.

"You're so loud...Onee-chan...and please don't be too rough on my...uuuuguuu...you're squishing it too hard...it hurts..."

Misty? What the hell are you doing here? Are you the type to suddenly cling on strangers you just met yesterday and call them Onee-chan or something? I don't get it, I don't get it at all!

Hmm...she didn't seem to have wear any clothes on, and although I couldn't see her body as it was fully covered by the blanket, it really feels that I'm doing something really really wrong..

"Besides my name's not Kirk, it's Misty-pyon!"

There's something strange happening just now. Could it be...

Anyway, how come I felt so flustered just from the thought of looking at another girl's body? It's maybe due to the conditioning that I've never been changing together with the other girls since my school days.

"Guess I should have more restraint. It's not right for girls to be 'that' affectionate to each other, hence the apostrophe."

I pulled my hand out from her stuff that goes 'munyu'...

"Please don't show any restraint towards me, Onee-chan..."

She held my hand tight just when I'm about to pull it off. And how many times did I told you not to call me that? Oh right, I don't really mention it to her did I...

Moreover, I think her eyes were emitting a red light just now, it's creepy! Are you going to cut something off when you're not feeling pleasant right away?

Well whatever, since she seemed to be quite asleep, although she seems really proactive even when sleeping, I use my other hand to release the hand she use to held me and then having freed myself off, I finally got off from the bed.

"Sniff...sniff...am I not good enough for you...Nee-chan?"

Stop being such a spoiled brat, and stop calling me that. Moreover go put some clothes on! I could clearly see your naked body this way...

And though I did wanna say that, what comes to my mind first was...

"Ah, it's a bit flat."

Maybe I'm not the one to talk because my size were also pretty small.

"Uuuuu...you're so mean..."

Please don't show me that kind of face, Misty. I'm pretty flustered already when I look at your chest. Uh, I felt a bit guilty for making her that way...but I can't just help it since she looks really cute when she's that way.

i kinda want to bully her more.

"Nah, come to think of it, why are you acting so clingy towards the stranger you just met yesterday?"

"We're not really strangers to lov...I mean, take a look at this Dragon-shaped tattoo on my right hand, which is similar to yours, miss Carla. It's said that people with the same symbol are definitely related to each other...just like a family. I also got the feel that you're my long lost elder sister..."

I've had the feeling that you somehow made up the part about people having the same dragon crest were definitely related.

Though it kinda renders me astonished when she made me look at the same dragon crest at her...left hand.

"Quetzalcoatl." without me realizing it, I just read the ancient texts that were engraved below the dragon crest. Nah, the texts and the shape of her dragon and mine are completely different. She definitely didn't belong in the Sutherland family.

There's one thing which bothers me, Quetzalcoatl is one of the greatest patron gods of the Amarok tribes, beside the Phoenix. By any chance, were she actually the descendant of that legendary summoner tribe that still remains as one of the most powerful clans today? We certainly have quite a number of Grand Inquistors originating from Amarok, as that clan were famous for bringing forth people with extraordinary leadership abilities.

If she came with that particular crest, she must be some really powerful summoner, as that crest could only be bestowed upon the chosen ones of Amarok, from what I've read so far actually.

"Huh? What are you talking about, Miss Carla?"

Hah, it seems that she couldn't really read the ancient texts just like Kirk.

"Nevermind about that. It seems our dragon crests were actually different so I'm sure you must be mistaken me for another per..."

As I reached out to her left hand, touching it with my right, and electrical shock burst forth from our hands.



I'm not joking, a powerful bolt of lightning just appeared outta nowhere when our hands met, disappearing quickly few seconds after. It's really surprising for both of us.

"What the..."

"Miss Carla, our crests seem to be resonating with each other."

Come to think of it, I felt a warm sensation on my right hand, and for the first time my dragon crest starts emitting a Crimson light, the same also goes for hers. The difference is, her light was that of an Azure color.

"W-what's happening..."

The light keeps on shining for a brief moment, then it's all but gone now.

Uh, that reminds me. I kinda forgot to check up on Kirk today for a bit.

But first things first, I need to sort things out with this kind-of-irresistible girl.