Part 2-2 : Common Knowledge

I love hearing stories when I was still a child, even now these tales color my whole world, giving me the inspiration to look towards a brighter future.

Both my sister, who's a few years older than me, and my father, they told me quite a lot of them. My sister often read to me the stories from her favorite books, while my father told me the stories about his adventuring experience, both of them were so fascinating. Though there's one day when I grew bored of listening to my sister's fairy tales.

But it's so hard for me to blatantly tell her about it, since she's so kind and gentle to me all this time. I tried my best to give her the impression that I'm always interested, though all I wanted to see was her smile, that vibrant, joyous smile, just like that of an angel. Nevertheless, as much I wanted to hide this truth, it will come unveiled to her sooner or later.

There's one day when she had stopped telling me these stories. At first, it beckons to me that I made her upset by my pretentious attitude in the past, about my half-willingness to appreciate her efforts. Come to think of it, what kind of things could possibly made me bored of these stories I'm once fascinated in?

"So, Carla. Did you grew tired of these already?"

"N-no...sis, it's really fun to hear your stories...I don't want you to stop."

"It's okay, I understand everything from the start. To tell you the truth, i only read this sweet fairy tales to you because..."

As a children, we need to be filled with delusional thoughts in order to survive. Didn't we thought about an idea of a perfect utopian world where everything will end up well? Though this morbid truth behind our reality might completely ruin our innocence, that's why these fairy tales exist; to sugarcoat all of this ugliness in order to make we turn our heads away and keep on being delusional.

That is, until we're strong enough to accept the reality as it is.

"But why these stories have to be so beautified? I feel that this kind of thing doesn't feel right at all!"

My sister gently pats me in the head as I said this

"Because it's a common knowledge for us to seek something beautiful. It's only natural for us not to showcase something ugly because they're ugly, remember that. For example, would a girl like you do something unrefined like picking your nose in public?"

I don't like this preachy tone of hers.

"Of course I would, what's wrong on trying to be myself? I will spit everywhere and do unrefined things if I want to."

That line seems to shock her as she quietly backed off and stood silent, it looks like she's been pretty upset about things like accepting the reality as it is.

"Sis, I would like to see more of your ugly side. Even if like you say, it's not natural to show your ugliness, I would like to see it...I want to know more of you."

There I said to her, that the true beauty will unravel when she's not afraid anymore to show her ugly side.

Then few days later. It really shocked me when she suddenly came to me and gave me a tender kiss on the lips.

Yeah, it was my first...and I'm still in my childhood.

My first kiss was stolen by my own older sister.

"Carla, this is my own ugly side that you want to I disgusting?"


She's currently 15 years old at that time, I'm just 12 and what's this?

This is the secret that I don't want to tell anyone because it's really absurd and people will just laugh at it.


"Ahhhhnnnnn...that's so you did kiss your own sister...miss's so wonderful...kyaaaaaa..."

What the...why did Misty manage to hear all my ramblings? Did I really said my narration out loud? Furthermore please do put some clothes on, it's so uncomfortable seeing a loli girl that's laughing in the bed all naked!

"W-why did you know all of this, I didn't say anything!"

"Really? Misty thinks you're acting weird just before, while not really being conscious about your surroundings. Uh...Misty's not really comfy calling you with miss Carla, can I call you Onee-chan instead?"


Since both of us had the dragon crests after all...I guess you could...

"Onee-chan, the fact that our dragon crests resonated is proof enough that we're actually sisters. Our blood bonds must be related very strongly in order for the resonance to occur, that's from what I've known."

I don't really understand what she just said earlier. But here's a thing that came to mind...

"Well, if we're actually blood-related to the point you could consider us to be sisters, we must have some similarities in looks, am I right, Misty? From what I've observed, you didn't resemble either my elder sister and me at all. And if you narrow it down to just me and you, the only similarities are our lesser chest sizes."

"Uguuuu..Onee-chan is bullying me again."

Oh well, there she goes again.

"Jokes aside, what time is it? I'll be checking up on Kirk in the meantime since there's something that makes me worried about him."

"Okay, Misty will get the clock for Nee-chan."

Still naked on the bed, she traced the air with her fingers, forming an azure light which has the shape of a circle. The next moment, I saw the circle materializes into an ethereal-looking clock that floats in mid-air.

It's still three in the morning. Damn, so that's why she seem a bit sleepy.

"Wait a minute...the clock is up right there, so why all the trouble for..."

I just realized that in one of the end tables beside the bed there's a desk clock in it.


Hey Misty, don't go asleep just when it's convenient!


Huh? She seem to be muttering something, is that the name of her older sister?

Well anyway, it's not good for her to sleep like this, with her chest fully exposed like this.

I fixed her sleeping position so her head touches the pillow, in addition with fixing the blanket so she won't catch a cold.

"There, that should do this."

Finishing up making the bed, I turned my back to her and start walking towards the door.

"Thank you...nee-chan."

Even if I'm not her actual older sister, hearing these sincere words really fills up my heart with warmth.

"Please make me your slave next...unyuuu..."


At the second thought, I'll take my words back.


I entered Kirk's room, and to be honest, I'm kinda surprised to see the room left empty, with the windows sprung open.

There's the full moon shining gracefully in the sky, which gives me the creepy feeling of a notorious pedophile lurking down the streets.

Where could he be?

Ah there's a note on the desk, it reads.

"To Carla Sutherland, your friend is in our possession right now. Go meet us at the designated place, and come alone, if you want your friend to live."

Hmm...the note doesn't seem that threatening at all, they're not creative either, this kind of message is too mainstream. Though it somewhat bothers me about it, when I saw that dream and found out the fact that Kirk isn't here right now.


The sound of door opening behind me.

It really made me went full alert. And so I pulled my revolver from my pants' pocket, being in position to fire away as I see opportunity.

Yes I made sure that I've got my weapon of choice with me at all times.

"Who's there?" I said, to the lingering presence behind me.

Gotta be cautious from now on as there's no telling what happens next.