Part 2-8 : Journey Towards a Plastic Wonderland - Part 2

"We must hurry, Carla Sutherland. Your friend Kirk would really be in a grave danger if we don't go out soon." and so the wise elder had said

It doesn't seem really convincing that Kirk had told me about the Elder's outrageous actions such as taking a dump naked in the open. But judging by the way this old geezer made such unreasonable demands, I could somehow believe that.

But still, I've got to finish the breakfast slowly, savoring each and every bite of this delicious meal for this morning, in addition of gulping the milk down slowly. For some reason the food today tasted really delicious, and the milk was also fantastic. Though due to the Elder's enigmatic revelation, it left me with utter nervousness it made me want to hole myself inside the bathroom, taking a dump slowly.

This comfortable feeling I got when I sat in the toilet seat right now pretty much had alleviated some of my nervousness earlier, though somehow the ambient sounds inside this place got me the vibe of anxiety mixed up with a temporary feelings of security, kinda felt a bit hard to explain really. But I guess it's the feeling which really made you want to take a dump.

Speaking of which, I wonder where Misty and Lucian had gone. They didn't seem to be here when I went downstairs for breakfast, even though everyone's actually still enjoying their time savoring their meal. I guess Lucian must have lied by saying that everyone's already done with theirs...but for what reason really?

Well, he may had gone to where Misty might be in order to apologize or something, that's what I figured out so far.

And so I would gather m thoughts upon where still enjoying my tim-

"Carla Sutherland, there you are!"

I felt the toilet door suddenly sprung open regardless of me just locking it earlier. And from the door comes the Elder, shouting aloud with a somewhat perverted face, so annoying it makes me want to shot him.


My hands moved on reflex before I could realize it. As my thoughts waver around, there I pulled out the revolver from my pants that's been partially pulled down, with my 'vulnerable' body parts still covered by my clothes. And with a quick aim, I fully charged it with my agitated feelings after being harassed in such deprived manner by this old fart.



The shot made a really loud sound, and the bullet flew out on an extremely high speed, it managed to pierce this old fart's right shoulder all the way through, and after that the bullet somehow drops down to the floor.


"..." I can't say anything rather than staring in disbelief on how this geezer still have a nerve to do something crazy like this.

The elder slumps down the floor with a horrid expression on his face, just as if his mind was completely broken down. There I could see him peeing his pants down like a baby, along with lots of blood pouring down the floor from his right shoulder.

Serves him right, that teach him not to brag in the bathroom when a lady was taking a dump!

A lady taking a dump...somehow that doesn't sound right, well whatever.

I reached out to the door, and closed it again. Then I shall continue from where I left off...thank goodness he didn't manage to see anything, I would be embarrassed for life if he managed to see my...ah let's just forget about it. That's a really vulgar topic to talk about.

Meanwhile, as I tried taking my time as fast as I could, there I heard the cries of agony from the old geezer just behind the bathroom door. Uh, somehow I felt really sorry for causing him lots of pain like this...


It took me a few minutes of emptying my bowels down while enjoying the cries of agony from the elder just like a music. You might call me a bit of a sadist, but to tell you the truth I felt truly sorry every time I hurt someone by chance because of my irregular reflexes.

Hmm...there I go contradicting myself again huh

And so after using the tissues to clean myself off, I tried to pull my pants u-

"C-Carla Sutherla-"


This time I aimed for the head and shot it without much of a thought. It feels thoroughly satisfying to see tons of blood pouring down the geezer's head all over the place. Before falling flat down the floor, he just went unconscious with his eyes fully open, just like witnessing such a terrifying sight unfolding before him.

D-damn it...he's really seen everything down there...I felt so ashamed...

And then I quickly pulled my pants back, fastening my belt again. There I start checking out on the elder...

Thank goodness he's still alive...uh...what am I supposed to do now?

"Good work, Carla. That will teach grandfather how to respect the fine ladies much more. It's been a while since someone managed to give him a good beating like that."

"S-Stella? B-but..."

"It's okay. Just this much won't even kill him, he already went much worse than this but he's still able to come back to life regardless of that."

Saying that, I saw Stella's expression darkens as she came inside the bathroom and started tending to her grandfather's wounds.


"If it's okay with you, go ahead to where your partner might be with Elrond and Leonard, they are basically very capable adventurers that won't slow you down...Carla."

"Though there's still lies one problem...miss Stella..."


Me and Stella walked outside the bathroom, leaving the Elder behind after Stella had already done the necessary first aid. It still surprises me how she's able to close the heavy wounds, stopping it from bleeding further in a matter of few minutes...she's amazing...

"That's why I told you it is a serious problem...huh?" before I could finish my sentence, my eyes were glued to sir Elrond and Leonard who had been staring down at their empty plates, trembling from some kind of unknown fear. It looks like they already finished eating but why the heck did they kept on staring down their plates?

"Gentlemen." Stella clapped her hands together a few times to get their attention, and both of them who's sitting in the table simultaneously turned their heads around. And as their gaze met up with mine, they immediately turned back to Stella with some kind of shiver running down their expressions.

"And so this fine lady want you to accompany her to save Kirk Thompson. Though as she's the only lady around, can she trust you refined gentlemen to act courteously toward this lady?"

"'am!" both of them shouted out in unison and nod their heads down several times. There I also noticed that when Stella points out to me, these people didn't seem wanting to make an eye contact with me.

Well...that's pretty rude of them.

"Well...Carla, did you eventually find these people to be trustworthy after all?"

"Let's see...I heard sir Elrond is an excellent cartographer and explorer, he would be very helpful on guiding us toward our destination."

"T-that's correct, milady. I shall do my b-best to give some assistance." sir Elrond's expression brightens up a bit as I mentioned his merits

"And for sir Leonard, I think he's a very tough fighter, he would be a reliable guardian to us all, protecting us from harmful attacks while we can focus on doing things we can do best."

"I shall provide my assistance, mademoiselle."

With the brief formalities aside, the three of us finally agreed to go on a journey together in order to save Kirk.

I still felt really sorry for the elder though.