Part 2-15 : Bronco

Thanks to Bahamut, three of us – me, sir Leonard, and Elrond could get past the ruins by walking straight ahead, but for some reason I felt really bad for the Minotaurs; they seem to kinda lay here motionless – are they dead?


Albeit faint, I could see the miniscule movements from the chest area of these labyrinth guards. Now that they already lost their homes, would they actually go by to become a hippie instead?

Whoa, Minotaur Hippies, that's something which you don't see everyday.

"Oi...Carolina, whadaya spacin' out 'ere now! Pardner, ya can't just dawdle alone in 'dis venture missy, that ain't dandy."

"It's Carla."

Believe it or not, I'm currently talking to the same Bahamut I summoned just before. Now he's taking up the mini-dragon form that's about 140 centimeters tall, a lot shorter than me that's about 178 cm, and a lot more than Kirk, with his 190 cm build. Yes, based on his narrations, you might not believe it, but he's actually a pretty big guy.

Sir Leonard and Elrond were really tall too, I believe sir Elrond were about 185 cm in height, and sir Leonard would be about 2 meters tall. At first, you might thought that I might be crazy, adventuring by myself with two strangers having a powerful muscular build like this, but really, I'm doing fine right now, don't worry about me.

"So, Pardner...what will we do now? we're just standin' still right over after just crossin' about."

"Shut the hell up, Bronco, it's not like we could fly or anything."

This dragon was speaking in a baritone voice, along with having a frank way of speaking just like these hardy cowboys in the Wild West Movies. He had violet scales and wings that look powerful and extremely durable, with deadly sharp claws and fangs on top of that; his topaz-colored eyes glanced at me curiously as I awaited for his reply, and he flaps about gracefully in mid air, with his eyes on the same level as mine.

Bronco was actually his nickname, and he actually preferred it to his real name, Rhayader Maverick. And it seems that my father and him were basically long-time adventuring partners, so I could somehow view Bronco as my...uncle, I guess...

That, with the fact that me and Bronco had met up quite a lot when I was a little child, especially during the time when my father just got back from adventuring. This violet dragon seem to tag along with father quite a lot, though it kinda brings about a mysterious feel as why did he also tagged along with me too.

Would this actually be a somewhat hidden message from father? I don't know, I just don't really know what kind of things to make out from this.

"Errr...uhh...sorry there Missy, guess we're goin' to take some kickbacks eh? Gimme the booze "

" your abysmal alcohol tolerance like this, aren't you just trying to look cool, huh? That's so lame..."


From the distance, I could hear sir Leonard and Elrond laughing about at us; it seems that both of them already came to like Mr. Bronco sooner than expected. At first, they seem pretty intimidated when he first appeared as soon as the ruins were completely obliterated by the Bahamut summon.

Well, Mr. Bronco isn't just a normal dragon, after all, he's descended from the Legendary Family of Dragon Kings, which were often refereed to as 'Bahamut'.

By the way, there should be about three forms which a 'special' dragon could transform First, the dragon form – the form which Mr. Bronco took as he single-handedly obliterated the ruins, and then the Mini-Dragon, the form he's currently in. The third one were probably the 'humanoid' form, which enables the dragons to take on the form of a human, which kinda interests me.

Will Mr. Bronco's human form actually turned out to be a middle-aged cowboy with a thick stubble and beard, along with having a terrible alcohol tolerance?

"Madamoiselle Carla, what do you say about ourselves resting in here for a while? We've been walking around for hours, and the terrains around the Labyrinth Ruins were really tough for us...?

The big person whom I refereed to as 'sir Leonard' turned towards me as he said that, and there he pointed out towards sir Elrond, who's unfolds a some kind of carpet, just like those casually used for camping...

"Uh...any Boar Stew to eat?" that was the first words I muttered after a long while without talking to them

Sir Leonard was quite puzzled to my inquiry. So, after looking at our surroundings for a while, he then suggested to me an alternative.

"How about Minotaur Stew in.."

" thanks, i'll just eat everything else that's currently available." upon hearing the word 'Minotaur Stew', it sparks an urge to cut his words off right before he finished it. That definitely sounds like looking for some trouble.

I mean...well...that large beast creature, it would took forever just to dice them up and rip their meats off, and we would lose our patience due to starvation before it's even halfway done.

"I see...guess we have no choice then."

Hmm...although sir Leonard said that way, I could clearly smell the aroma of Boar Stew from far away.

Although he has a horrible sense of direction, sir Elrond sure knows how to handle things in his portable kitchen that he did set up in a matter of few minutes.

Now I finally understand why people called him the master of exploration; he has a really good drawing skills for charting the maps that I can't even be half as good of, not to mention his excellent knowledge pertaining the botanical stuff, for example, about what plants and meats were good, and what's bad, etc.

It's a really vital aspect in adventuring.

Beside me, Mr. Bronco flaps his wings in delight. Just like me, he truly enjoys a delicious meal, especially meats and chocolate-flavored desserts.





I think I just heard some loud voice of wings flapping above my head, but when I tried looking up...there's nothing there. Maybe I'm just tired, which caused me to hear something that actually weren't there.

"Phew, let's just enjoy the meal while I'm at it."

The food should be done in a matter of minutes, but the smell of it already caused my mouth to water.

Guess I should be patient and wait until it's finally ready.