Floor 2 Omake : Mistes Cygnus

Besides the Holy Sword Excalibur, the Forbidden Sword Sinclaire, and the Frightening Blade – Adamantinum Ingot Destruction Sword, or in short, AIDS – there's one more sword that's very famous for its rarity and amazing abilities which was famously known as..

The Sword of Everything, Mistes Cygnus.

Far different from the other legendary swords, one which were crafted through the hands of a holy angel, one who had history so corrupted and dark no one dares to have a knowing of, or one simply made because of the intense hatred towards homosexuality and fruitcakes.

There can be more than one copy of Mistes Cygnus, and it could be forged by a mere human. Even so, they must be extremely skilled as the forging process was well-known to be extremely tricky for the untrained forgers, not to mention there only exist one peculiar metal that's applicable of forging this legendary sword.

We might refer to it as the 'Eclectic Metal', an alloy consisting of myriad number of metals in, from the common Bronze, Steel, Chromium, Adaman, to the rare Duralumin and the unusual Octurus Iron, consisting even the small segment of Moonstone, or Lunarian Rock, and lastly, the holy metal Damascus.

When the metal has blended in perfectly, it will gave out a glow similar to a Rainbow Prism Metal, but the difference is, when you shine upon a light towards the Eclectic Metal, the diffraction would scatter around to 365 colors, whilst Prism Metals only shows the same number of colors that's inside of a rainbow.

So yeah, it's quite tricky.

Mistes Cygnus, by itself, goes by the color of pure white from the hilt towards the end of the blade, and the design was kinda similar to a rapier. By appearance, this sword looks really beautiful, it gets the nickname of 'Snow White', and so the blade was famously known to be wielded by the most gorgeous female knights in history...or the cute boys who looks extremely terrific while cross-dressing...well I don't know really.

Far different than the other legendary swords, Mistes Cygnus was famously known as the blade who could block any attack, no matter how powerful it is, it's also known as the blade who would never break nor be sealed. It's sword that cannot kill, though it serves a mission so noble to protect every innocent life that lies before it.

Nah, for its ultimately brilliant defensive purposes, it's remarkably famous amongst dual wielders, and many other adventurers out there.

Also, the first wielder of Mistes Cynus that made this weapon so popular was none other than our Sutherland family, and that was before our family ever had achieved the popularity that's almost seem like it's too glorified as we're actually just mere humans to go by.

There's about three swords of it scattered across our family, and for the note, it's strange enough that the only notable wielders only seem to come out from the Sutherlands, as there's the rumors spreading about that non-Sutherland wielders instantly died upon their attempts on wielding that sword.

Ahem, if I were to disclose about the legend of the first wielder who brought our family into its glory, it would take plenty of chapters, but let me tell you this...when swords like Excalibur and Sinclaire were able to make you into a ruler of the world, having just Mistes Cygnus alone would ensure your safety until the time you're able to rest in peace like every normal human being out there.

That's just it, let us go back towards our own adventure.