He blacked out just as the fist hit him. It was so scary, surprising, unexpected… He had lost all consciousness, but could still sense what was going on around him. He had an enhanced sense of mind. He felt almost psychic.

In his mind, he still had control over himself, but the world was…blank. It was swirling many different colors all around. No floor. No ceiling. No walls. Just Ninjaman.

He sat down and thought aloud for a second, since no one could hear him.

"I don't get it. Where's Spot? And everyone else? How long was I asleep? I just… I just don't get it… It's so unfair… Why did this have to happen to ME? What did I do to deserve this? It's just… It's just not fair!"

Ninjaman started crying loudly. He couldn't do anything. He had no control. He didn't even know if he was dead or still alive. It was hopeless. What could he do? NOTHING. That was the only thing he could think. NOTHING. I CAN DO NOTHING TO HELP ANYMORE.

He was bawling now. "Why?" He cried. "Why am I such a horrible person? WHY?"

He fell to the ground. He just wanted to go to sleep. Whenever he slept, he would awaken somewhere else. He got comfortable. He couldn't sleep, no matter what he did. He was already sleeping. Was it possible to sleep while sleeping? No, probably not.

Suddenly, he was awake. He was hanging from two chains, tightly strapped to his hands, and hanging above the ground. He looked around. Spot was on the ground. Unconscious. Wait… was he just unconscious?

"Oh, NO. SPOT! WAKE UP!" He couldn't be dead. He couldn't. "PLEASE!"

Spot lay on the ground. Silent. No motion. Ninjaman couldn't even tell if he was breathing.

He lazily opened one eye.

"Nngghhh… Ninjaman?"

"Oh, thank Glob you're ok! I thought you were dead!"

"Naw… just sleeping. Well it's cool that you're here. I've been waiting…"

"For what, buddy?"


"What…do you mean?"

"I've been waiting so long… for fresh food… They don't feed you here. And it looks like my only option just got locked down here, too."

"Oh, no way, man. That's…that's just WRONG. You had better be joking."

"Do I LOOK like I'm joking?"

Spot's face was bony and pale. Now Ninjaman was locked down in a dark, depressing place, and his best friend was about to become a cannibal, in a way. He couldn't even move. Think, think…

Spot leaped at Ninjaman, screaming with pain and hunger. Ninjaman lurched forward and kicked Spot away.

"How could you even do that?" Ninjaman screamed, crying out of fear.

Spot looked up at him with pain in his eyes. "I'm… I'm so sorry… I'm just so hungry, and I lost control of my senses…." He slouched down, closed his eyes, and started to cry again.

"No, no. Please don't cry. You'll only make this harder. It's hard enough as it is. Now, could you help me out of these cuffs?"

"Yeah, sure," Spot sniffed. He undid the cuffs on Ninjaman's hands. He dropped to the floor.

"Thanks, buddy," Ninjaman smiled.

"No problem. Now let's find a way outta here!" Spot chirped happily.

They only took a few steps before they discovered a whole buffet that could last a lifetime.

"Are you KIDDING me? You said they don't have food here! You tried to EAT me!"

"Oh. Didn't see that."

"Did you even LOOK?"

"Nope. Guess I was too lazy."

Ninjaman slapped his forehead. "You know what? Never mind. Let's just stay and eat for a bit."

After a nice, refreshing lunch, they continued searching for a way to escape.

"Do you see anything?" Spot wondered, eagerly.

"Nah. There's no way out."

"Globbit." Spot muttered angrily.

"Hey, man. Watch your language. You know the vocabulary requirements in Blip."

"Yeah, yeah. 'You must be 13 to utter mild language because we're total jerks and felt like it'."

"Don't take the government in vain, Spot."

"I'm sorry, they're just full of it! They make the dumbest rules!"

Ninjaman noticed an exit around the corner. "Dude! There! We can escape!" They both started dashing for the exit, hoping that something bad wasn't going to happen as soon as they escaped, as it often did.

"So…close…" Spot panted.

"Keep running. We're almost there!" Ninjaman called happily.