"A tuba? You've got to be kidding me!" Taylor yelled from the living room.

"What? You don't like tubas?" The guy asked in a deep voice.

"I'd rather eat my dog than listen to you play that thing. Go." She growled, falling back against the couch.

The guy huffed and sighed but left, slamming the door behind him.

Taylor screamed through her teeth before groaning. "What the hell is wrong with people?"

"Taylor, chill." Ethan said.

She turned on him, her eyes blazing. "Don't you dare tell me to chill." She sighed and got to her feet, starting to pace.

"Not going well?" I asked, finally making my appearance. I didn't want anything to do with my sister's band. I hid under my bed the day she wanted me to help her.

She rolled her eyes but kept moving. "You have no idea, Claire."

"Taylor wants to eat her dog." Ethan said, cracking a smile.

The dog, Poodles, whimpered and lowered his chin to the tops of his paws.

"Oh, Poodles, I could never eat you." Taylor cooed, taking the dog into her arms like a baby.

I rolled my eyes in disgust and sat down on the couch. "How many people have you gone through?"

"Twenty two." Miranda said, taking a long gulp of the beer in her hand.

"No winners?" I asked. This didn't surprise me though. My sister was picky, about everything. Even if the person trying out was super good, he wouldn't get in unless he was super hot. Ethan barely made it four years ago, when Taylor first started everything.

Miranda smirked. "You're kidding. Seriously?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Weren't you supposed to be watching John and his friend?" Taylor asked, turning to face me. She never had to babysit. Ever. That was always my job, since I was the nerd.

I shrugged. "If they do break anything, it's John's problem."

She shook her head. "You're awful at babysitting."

"I never wanted the job. Mom just gave it to me." And I didn't get paid. Since mom paid for Taylor's dreams.

"Break's over. We still need to find a drummer and today's our last day." Ethan said, brushing his hands off on his jean shorts and taking the clipboard in his hands.

Taylor sighed and sat down on my right. "Bring the next guy in." She looked totally uninterested right now. But I didn't blame her. This was boring.

"You're Isac, right?" Ethan asked, checking his clipboard. He loved that clipboard.

Isac nodded.

"And you play..." Miranda coaxed, always wanting to get to the point of things. She was always rushing people.

"Drums." He said, matter of factly.

I rolled my eyes. He was so full of himself.

He smiled and stared right at me. "You must be Taylor."

Before I could answer him with any witty or smart-ass comment, Taylor was snapping at him.

"You're on thin ice." Her blue eyes were slit and venomous.

Miranda took over, a sly smile on her face. "That's Taylor."

Isac blushed but didn't look freaked. Maybe this had happened to himself.

Taylor sighed impatiently. "The drums are downstairs. Maybe we should have you play."


She shot him a dirty look but still led him towards the steps. Ethan and Miranda followed, knowing Taylor would be even more pissed if they stayed with me.

I sighed and went back upstairs. Was it wrong that I found the drummer cute?