silence falls, a black lace
shroud mourning our song.
summer has not caught its breath
yet your hips don't remember mine
your lips have forgotten
the hollow of my throat
the winding trails you once mapped.
many summer nights we laid
in grassy fields, entwined
scarcely hidden from view
warm rain drenching us suddenly
bringing that eager startled laugh;
the same one that echoed
when my fingers first brushed
your favourite indigo lace panties
and escaped - wild barking
tumbling from swollen lips.

isn't it funny, my heart,
how nothing is ever loud enough?
no body pressed close enough?
dark clouds stretch across the sky
the stars splayed beneath
a mockery of the freckles scattered
haphazard, across your skin.
hours turn to years,
they stretch between us
hold firm and deny parting sorrow.
laying alone under storming skies
the truth falls, unapologetic
and i finally succumb;
i could drown
in the rain her laughter brings
and never be happier.