Smoking Victim

"They wouldn't even give me the time of day" said the pink anthropomorphic feline as she glanced over at the group of four human girls. They were in their school uniforms, each of them had a cigarette. Layla's wide green eyes observed as puffs of smoke rose from the girls. "How would you even know that, if you don't even try" Topsy said, poking Layla on the chest. Topsy was an orange anthropomorphic cat about the same height as her friend, with a head of short and curly black hair. She had a British accent and Layla always loved listening to her talk ever since they had met. "They sure don't look like they've been around many anthros, they'll probably think I'm going to eat them or something" Layla said nervously, quickly turning away when one of the girls glanced over.

"You can tell all that by just looking at them?" Topsy said, tilting her head slightly to the side.

"You know I'm good at reading people Topsy" Layla said, pushing back a piece of the long black and slightly messy hair on her head. Topsy had recommended she dye it and she got a little frustrated every time she got a look at it.

"Oh you! The only thing they want you to eat is in their panties!" Topsy hissed. Layla's ears twitched at her friends words and gave her a push on the shoulder. "Dammit Topsy don't talk like that in public, someone might hear" She then glanced over at the group of girl it looked like they had all moved on to their next cigarette

Topsy then sighed and gave Layla a quick lick on the cheek, "All I'm saying is you won't know if they'll like you if you don't try Lay"

"Okay, you win" Layla said, with a sigh. "I'm going" The pink feline took a deep breath and smoothed out her black dress. It was good Topsy wasn't joining her since her accent often stole the show.

"H-hiya" she said nervously as she approached the human girls, making sure to put on a smile. "Oh, look a lost kitty" a short blonde girl said with a giggle when she saw Layla.

"Shut up Lily" it was the tallest girl of the group and the least attractive. Her red hair was wild and frizzy, her pale skin dotted with freckles and her body very thin and lanky. "Why don't you three go back to class, the kitty is obviously here for me" That wasn't the truth but Layla kept quiet. The three girls giggled and dropped their cigarettes to the ground, "See you Denise" one said and then the three of them headed off towards the school building. Layla then looked to Denise who was smiling at her, she smiled back but wasn't sure what to say. The girl seemed interested in her. "So did you need something?" the human girl asked, taking a puff of her cigarette. "My name's Layla and I just noticed you and the other girls smoking..." Layla's voice faded and she looked to the ground shyly. Unlike many others, she had always found smoking attractive even though she didn't do it herself. Denise might not of been the best looking compared to her friends but Layla still found her to be pretty especially when she puffed on that cigarette and anyways the other girls had left.

"Oh I see, you were looking for some fun hehe" Denise glanced over at Topsy, "That a friend of yours?"

"Yeah but she's not really into humans" Layla replied.

Denise laughed, "Well my you know my friends are straight by the way so you're lucky they left" she placed her free hand on Layla's shoulder and ran her fingers through the pink colored fur. "It's been awhile since I've even seen an anthro you know" Layla blushed underneath her fur and her feline ears twitched. "Well aren't you just adorable" Denise said, her cigarette was down to the bud and she dropped it to the ground, "Your friend won't mind if I bother you will she?"

Layla giggled, "No not at all, she was the one encouraging me to come over here"

"Good then, you definitely look like you're worth missing class for" She reached over and grabbed Layla by the paw. "Now enough talking, let's go" Layla really like Denise's aggressiveness. Maybe she would be better than those other prettier girls, Layla was thinking as she waved goodbye to Topsy.


Layla watched as Denise unlocked the door to the apartment. "I live here with my older brother but he works during the day" she explained as they walked in. The apartment was very plain, just one bedroom a door that led into a small and cramped bathroom. Before Layla could look around more, Denise led her to the small sofa, judging by the blanket and pillow it was someone's bed as well."So can you purr?" Denise asked and then gently began petting Layla's head. In response to the girl's touch Layla's ears twitched and she began purring. "M-meow!" the feline nuzzled into the human's hand lovingly. Humans always wanted to pet her, Layla was used to it. In fact, she actually enjoyed it. "Such a nice kitty" Denise whispered as she continued petting, "When do you want to start the real fun?" Layla's body shivered at the girl's words, Denise was making her very excited. "I'm all yours" the feline whispers back.

"Oh that's what I like to hear" the human girl suddenly stood up from the sofa and smirked teasingly at Layla. The feline tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion. "Is something wrong?" she asked.

"No, not at all Layla" Denise replied. She pulled out an open pack of cigarettes from her skirt pocket, "Would you like one?" Layla sighed and awkwardly averted her eyes to the blank television screen. It was apparent that Denise was a tease and that was pretty disappointing. "Something wrong kitty cat?" the human said, lighting up a cigarette.

"No...but why did you bring me here?" the feline said, "Do you have any sweets?"

"Sweets as in cookies and stuff?"

"Of course"

"That's sort of random but I thought your type would eat cat food or salmon or something"

Layla giggled softly, "Nope so do you have any...but you don't have to share if you don't want to"

"Of course I'll give you precious kitty" Denise smirked and walked into the tiny kitchen, puffing on her cigarette . Was she already claiming Layla as her own? Many humans were quick to do that but Layla was simply not ready to be owned by anyone. After shuffling through the cupboards for a few minutes, Denise returned with a small box on miniature chocolate chip cookies. "Thank you" Layla said politely, taking the box. Denise was already lighting up another cigarette and looking at the feline as she ate. "You know... my brother could pop in at any moment" Denise said then inhaling the gray smoke. Layla simply nodded and continued pushing one mini cookie after another into her mouth.

"You could get fat from eating those" the feline replied with another simple nod. Denise growled a little and dropped her cigarette to the floor and then smashing it into the carpet with her shoe extinguishing the tiny flame. "Enough fucking cookies!" Denise then snatched the box from Layla. "Hey!" Layla whined, reaching for the cookies. "No I said!" the human shouted, throwing the box of cookies across the room. Layla stood up to look Denise in the eye, "Why did you bring me here if you won't even give me cookies?"

"Oh my god! You're worse than the little girls I bring up here"

"Little girls?"

"Yeah I've had more of 'em up here then I can count...let me show you something real quick" Denise grabbed her paw and led Layla to the cramped bedroom. Layla was really curious as she watched Denise knelt down and reached under the bed. The human soon pulled a pink scrapbook decorated with various stickers from under the bed. "Come sit Layla" Denise said as she sat down on the bed., looking at the scrapbook in curiosity. "Now..I hope you're okay with young ones" Denise opened the scrapbook and Layla's eyes went wide.

On the first page of the book there were pictures of a girl, no older than eight naked and posing. The look in her eyes was that of confusion. "Denise...this is illegal" Layla whispered. "Bullshit!" Denise turned the page revealing pictures of different girls, naked and confused. "All these little sluts were willing, trust me" the human added with a smirk. Layla had met some strange people before but never a pedophile, especially a female one. She stood up, "Sorry Denise, I'm just not comfortable with this"

Suddenly Denise tossed aside the book and wrapped her arms around her guest's waist, for someone so thin she was surprisingly strong. "You're not going anywhere" she said as Layla struggled to escape her grip. "L-let me go!" the feline cried.

"Nah. You may have a curvy body but you're childish. I like that" Denise wrestled the feline onto the bed, trying to pin her down. Layla hissed and thrashed but Denise was too strong. Smiling, the human suddenly crashed her head into the anthro's. Layla fell back, looking up at the ceiling the world seemed to be spinning.


Denise had Layla handcuffed to the bed, a small blow to the head had left the feline disorientated and easy to restrain. "Let me go dammit!" Layla said, pulling at her restraints. Her head was hurting pretty badly Denise's head was seemed amazingly hard.

"Nah. Let me ask you something Layla" Denise said, standing at the end of the bed, "Do you like dick?"


"Don't act like you didn't hear me!"

"Well I don't know...I'm bisexual"

"Anyways, let me show you something" Denise turned around and pulled off her panties she then appeared to be removing tape from between her legs. Layla looked on, utterly confused. "It's really complicated keeping this thing contained" she turned around, revealing to the pink feline a large and erect penis along with a pair of dangling testicles. "And no I'm not a guy...not all guy at least" the human lifted up her testicles to show her vagina. Layla just stared in awe, her eyes wide. Had Denise just handcuffed her to show her member or did she just want someone to tell woes too? "Denise, some people actually have a fetish for this sort of thing" Layla said, trying to sound as comforting as possible.

"Yeah I know, this cock of mine is twelve inches...that's bigger than most or all men" Denise slowly started stroking her shaft. "It stays hard for hours, I have to keep it taped down a lot" She stroked it more, moaning softly. "I always need a hole to fuck and little girls usually make the best play things...and now I'll get to see how fun pink cats are" For some reason Denise's words were arousing, Layla had never met someone like this young woman. "Denise I know you have a good heart, you don't have to tie me down like this...I'll take care of you baby"

Denise thought about it for a minute and then smirked. Without a word, she released Layla from her bindings. Purring softly the feline immediately wrapped her paw around the human's throbbing member. "Ahh, good kitty" Denise moaned as her cock was slowly stroked. Layla smiled and fixed her lips around the tip, welcoming the rock hard cock into her mouth. "Fuck..." The human then grabbed a handful of Layla's hair, holding her head still and began thrusting relentlessly in and out of the feline's mouth. Layla's eyes went wide, Denise's cock went very deeply into her throat. Her gag reflex was facing a big challenge but she was able to beat it. "Oh god yes! More!" Denise cried in pleasure, thrusting even faster.

"Mmmmnnn-mmmnnn" Layla was trying to say something and she smacked hard at Denise's hip. The human must have forgot about the possibility of her choking to death. "Oh shit" Denise pulled out and Layla gasped for air, a trail of saliva leaking from the corner of her mouth as she coughed. As Denise started moving towards her again Layla held out her paw. "W-wait" The feline quickly removed her panties and then crawled back onto the bed. "Put your cock in me Denise" her tail was up, presenting her wet entrance.

Without wasting any time the human rammed her large cock into the feline's pussy. "Oh yes!" Denise shouted as she began thrusting in and out. Layla soon became caught in a swirl of ecstasy and pain, the human cock was ramming into her without mercy. As the bed shook she suddenly thought about the many small girls who had been violated in this bed, these thoughts made her screams even louder.