I was not in a good mood the day that I wrote this, but I really do like it and ironically, it was Friday the 13th. I hope you guys enjoy it!

'Today will not be my day.' I thought as I got ready for school. Friday the 13th, the dreaded, unlucky day that happens only a few times a year. Many people have bad luck on this day; including me.

I proceeded to ear my breakfast, say good-bye to my parents, grab my car keys, and head out to greet this dismal day. My car sat in its normal spot on the street, shining in the early morning sun. It's deep blue color reflecting the same color of my eyes. For that's why I picked this car. It seems special to me and I have felt that way ever since.

As I get in my car, I looked around the neighborhood; expecting to see something happen that will start my bad day. Surprisingly, the only things that I saw were wet, green lawns covered in dew, frost on cars that have yet to be started for the day, and a few dogs on their chains waiting to be let back inside.

The drive to school and my classes before my lunch hour surprised me as well. No mishaps, no falls, and no broken anything. I knew something would happen today, and the sooner it happens, the less nervous today I will feel the better I will feel later, since I won't be waiting for it any longer. But strangely, nothing happened at lunch either. Even on a normal day, it was often that I would, without intention of course, find a way to trip, fall, and spill everything on my lunch tray on the surrounding students and me. I was actually well known for it in my class. So it also surprised other people that nothing happened.

My last two classes also went by without a mishap. Maybe today was going to be one of those rare lucky Fridays the 13th. I had never had one of those. I smiled. 'Today will be a good day.' I thought.

I started to drive home, in a much better mood than previously that day. I pushed the gas pedal when the stoplight turned green, when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something moving towards me. When I saw what it was, I froze. A man behind the wheel of a large Dodge truck was passed out at the wheel. His foot must of still been on the gas pedal due to the speed he was going. There was no time for me to do anything. Right before he crashed into the driver's side of my car, where I was, I thought :

'I knew today was going to be a bad day…'

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