She wrote me letters on
Blotter paper using powdery
Purple ink "with love," showed
By a lipstick stain on the corner of
The paper and my flimsy heart.

The acid stings my throat as I
Feel my morals sink to the bottom
Of her lake in a battle between right and
Wrong. The purple trails down like a
Reminder that I'm swallowing evil in a
Vulnerable state like the one I'm in now.

The world shifts to revolve around the
Synthetically-made sun as she shines dark
Light onto the innocent world. My mind
Cannot comprehend, and my senses are
Failing me like my judgment as I hear the
Colors sing me to sleep and the sounds
Dance around me like they want me to watch
The show tonight. They dance and I feel
Compelled to watch the sounds make a rainbow
Of notes as the colors sing from the stars.

I don't even know what I'm saying as I
Write my final goodbye on the back
Of the blotter paper she gave me when
I see a light shine from the distance. It
Reminds me of a fire. The purple smears
Make me think twice before I run.