I guess I saw him in that one year

when everyone was going crazy

he had to be pointed out to me…

I guess I was a bit dazed.

I'd tried so hard to give up on love

he was as good as taken anyways

the sweetest girl ever was crushing on him

and yet he turned her away.

Two years later I have to wonder:

does he regret that choice?

I think you would be perfect together

the beautiful girl and handsome guy.

Sure, it'd sting a bit, or a lot

and I'd stop believing again

but as long as he gets that happy ending

I'm willing to pretend:

that I never cared

never loved

never even looked his way

I want him to be happy

even if it causes me pain.

So go on, laugh, and flirt with him

I'm willing to pretend.

So the sweetest girl and the perfect guy

don't have to remain 'just friends'.

Even though it kills me slowly

how he never answers my pleas

for help

for love

for simple care

bounce off of him

back to me.

Yet I love him more day after day

the badger who rules his den

who's constantly plugged to his headphones

I'm so willing to pretend.