I never thought it'd come to this,

And yet I stand appalled

For at the sight of you and her

I feel no love at all.

You've never been more hideous

Nor ever more diseased

Than now, with that tart on your arm

I look, but do not see.

I would expect to feel some pain

A tear, perhaps, would fall

But I feel nothing but disgust

Hatred, contempt, and gall.

I hope you get what you deserve

All the pain, and suffering too

Even if it's just a fraction

Of all you put me through.

I told you I'd forgive you,

But perhaps that was a lie

For if so you would be the first

Of those I do despise.

My mind does not forget,

And my heart does not forgive

I am unlike so many others

My soul is not a sieve.

You may come back, and you may plead

To feel my love again

While it will always be there

We may never make amends.

For hell hath no fury

As such a woman scorned

And with that fury comes

All the pain and suffering borne.

The corner of my heart

That your spirit would reside

Once tender, now is blackened

By your cruel and vicious spite.

So you will see, though you don't know

How deep these fissures lie

The mask upon my face

While pretty, is nothing but a lie.

I do love you, I always will

But not all can be fixed.

Continue on with that harlot

I've simply called it quits.

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