Lovable Dingo

One late Afternoon, Rex, son of the great dingo king Arush, was off on one of his normal every day adventures. He travelled day and night. His Dingo senses never had let him down. The only flaw was that King Dingo Arush wanted to move territories, and now that Rex was 18, he could live in his own cave. Rex did not want to do this, he was sick of being mocked by other dingoes, but what's the point living by yourself? No food, no water, only the wind blowing in your fur.

Rex quickly thought up of a plan. He would move down street into the city, and be owned. He, on the 13th of October, set off for a new home in the city. He found some pizza boxes left on the ground. Still warm. With about 10 pieces in each. He started eating.

Living on the high road was very hard. People with sooty faces kept showing up and kept being hung. This was bad. Rex had to escape. He ran down a big hall at the New York Main school gate. By the time he reached the end, he saw an ugly woman. She had a pink dress with a disgusting face full of crystal gem eyes. They were as gold as gold could be. And by eyes, I mean her two eyes. Beautiful. But the rest, uh! It was Linzy Mc'pink. Her funny nickname was Linzy Mc'Hotness. Uh! Even the name haunts me. She started running up to Rex.

She blew flowers of love, which could make you fall in love with everything, even the first person you meet. Even if it was the same gender as you!


Rex started running away. Linzy followed and said, "Can you feel the love?" as she blew more flowers on him. "Sorry Mc'Hotness, no love here, just the horrible stink in you breath!" Rex replied, still running and jumping.

An army of love sick people followed Linzy, following Rex, they attacked him and even, even, even kissed him! Rex kept running and running.