Red, red, red.

We act how they want us to act,

And live like they want us to live.

Red, red, red.

Why do we listen to those that wash us in red,

When all they want is to fuse us?

Red, red, red.

To make us one of them,

When we are already mostly red.

Red, red, red.

Maybe all we want is some white in so much red.

I was procrastinating and had nothing better to do. So here is the product of the procrastination! I tried to make the poem ambiguous so everyone could relate to it and take away what they wanted to.

For me it portrays society's overbearing presence and its way of stripping us of our individuality. The blood imagery was used to place emphasis on the negative effects it has on us.

Thank you for reading. This is my first attempt at a poem or really any kind of creative writing. Now off you trot possums and leave me a good ol' review. Oh but please be nice .