A true writer knows that there will always be that one story that goes unfinished. Because you can't complete all of them, no matter how much time you're given. When it comes down to it, you have to choose. Which story will be the most successful? Which story displays your talents the best?

When you choose, a piece of you dies inside, because you gave a piece of yourself to that story. You put a little bit of your soul inside the characters, and you brought them to life. No matter how deeply you suppress the memory of this story, even if you burn the pages it was written on, delette the file, never speak the character's names again, it will alays be alive inside you. And when you close your eyes at night, the story will write itself in your dreams, continuing in your subconcious although you abandned it long ago.

You will find yourself wearing the main character's face, speaking with their voice...and your fellow characters will call you by their name. Maybe it'll play itself out in front of you, like a performance you never payed to see. Excpet they'll look straight at you, talk to you, instead of sticking to the script you wrote.

And if you're a writer like me, they'll call you master. You'll run away, but they'll find you, because you can't run away from yourself. They'll beg you to write their names and open the pages to their world once more, just once more.

"Please, Master!" they'll say, "Please write us again, please give us life again!"

They'll plead with you. They'll haunt your dreams. And if you are neglectful of your stories like me, you will find yourself waking in a cold sweat, remembering your abandoned stories.