Author's Note

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When I first heard the story of my Papa's death I was in disbelief. I was thinking how anyone would want to kill my father, Roger Simone, the most honorable, noble, kind man I had ever known.

At the time I was in the local school in Mr. Willow's math class. I was thankful at the time to get out of class, since I hadn't done my homework, but as soon as I found out my father was dead, I thought that I could've took a thousand NTI's in the grade book to bring my Papa back.

The weird thing is, now that summer's in, I can't remember how he died. You would think that a 12 year old girl would be capable of remembering how her father died or why all of her memories before April 1, 2012 are gone.

But here I am in a foster home with only two things in my head, a name and a bucket of garbled memories of my school year. I think if I dig deep enough I might be able to find the memories of my Papa and the memories of myself, but with my raging headache, and the annoying babies crying next to me, right now doesn't seem like the time.

I wonder why the room suddenly smells like chlorine?

Author's Note

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