The Siren

Her reddish hair blows
With the wind.
Her eyes are dark
Though she's fair skinned.
Her voice, though sad, is honey sweet
Her beauty, longed by all, complete.

She sings her song
All loud and clear.
All through harsh winter,
Ne'er a tear.
She waits, she waits, she waits in vain,
For her man to come back home again.

She knows not he
Will not return.
And so her love
Continues to burn.
On the cliff she sits and gazes East,
The passages of dawn reveals the beast.

For she now knows
Her man lies dead.
He's got the sea
To be his bed.
Her cries are so damn bittersweet.
All those who hear her, their deaths meet.

But she will never
Be content.
Her love, her tears,
Her sorrows spent.
Yet still her anger doesn't fade.
All sailors, beware this beauteous maid.