My Hero

Most people say their hero's their mom, or their dad, maybe a grandparent. But my hero is much bigger, and more outstanding then that. She made me realize my dreams are possible, and got me to aim higher; all without realizing it. My hero's Jean Little. She has become one of the world's best authors, and has overcome a huge obstacle to get where she is today.

Jean Little was born legally blind, but she's still one of the world's best today. But, how? By working past all weaknesses. Making them her strengths. As she got older her sight got worse, and worse. But that wouldn't stop her! She had adopted an adorable seeing-eye dog, named Zephyr, just to get around! But she still couldn't write without sight, but oh, she sure can! She now uses a talking computer to help her out with reading it over.

Jean has shown her strength by being more than just an author; she has won many awards for her writing, including The Governor General's Literary Award for Children's Literature. This she had achieved in 1977, and since then she has written much, much more!

I plan to follow in her footsteps, and make her my model. As I want to be an author one day, and Jean's strength and courage makes me know that I can do it.

From 1932, to the present, the world has a wonderful woman, and an amazing author!

Thank you for reading! I'm sorry that this was short, but this truly is what I was thinking, and feeling. Jean Little, if you ever get to read this; Then thank you. You made me realize my dreams, and are making me shoot for the stars. Thank you so much, this has changed my life greatly.