CHAPTER 12: Anna' P.O.V (After Being Thrown Out of a Car)

Silence crept around Anna as she watched Andrew drove off abandoning her at the gas station in the middle of nowhere. Her knee hurt where she had fallen on when she was so rudely pushed out of his stupid car. Anger slowly rose up from toes to the tips of her hair as she realized what just happened. It bubbled angrily as the concept of what happened sunk in. She screamed at the top of her lungs and kicked the snow-muddy ground with her brand new Louibitan shoes. Dirty snow splattered on her knees and jeans like fog coating it with a dark brown funk. Ugh! Great, now I just ruined my new clothes! And I am abandoned in this grimy middle-of-nowhere! I cannot believe he did that! Nobody will leave Princess Anna in an old station and live!

Anna looked around her and up the road. There were absolutely no cars or people passing by. She could've sworn she'd seen a snow covered tumble weed blowing by, like in those old western movies. Anna started to shiver; partially because of the cold wind blowing and because of her anger boiling in her.

Damn, it is freezing outside. I hate him.

Anna walked into the deserted little shop to see if anyone was there and to get out of the cold. The shop was old and dusty and had a moldy smell that reminded her of that old prophecy room in Romania. Anna scrunched up her nose and continued to look around the shop.

"Oh!" she exclaimed as an idea came to her head. "I'll try my phone, maybe I could get service here… Great, I am now talking to myself." She pounded in the numbers to Andrew's house, hoping Mrs. Mulligan would answer but the phone couldn't get any bars in the area. Ugh, great now I am stuck here. If I get back; I am going strangle that peasant with his own intestines. Ugh I'm freezing... I miss Benny...

Anna looked back out the dusty windows and saw three figures in black flowing coats that looked as if they were arguing. The figures seemed to be about fifty feet from Anna where was but she knew immediately who they were. Anna's face blanched.

Oh no…

In the far off corner of the universe, sat a girl who was in quite the festive mood, to put sarcastically. She sat there with a grim look on her face as she sat staring at her computer screen with a glass of sparkling cider in her hand. Her head was donned with a festive pink hat and she wore a pair of glasses that stated the year "2013" She sighed and turned to her audience.

"Hello, hello fellow we all know it's the new year! Whoo!" She smiled a bit bitterly. "I'm sorry if I'm a down mood, but 2012 wasn't the best year for me. However, I hope that all of you have the absolute best year and may all of your dreams succeed!"

She chugged the rest the her glass and with a snap of her fingers she disappeared, leaving confetti in the air.