World of the Lost

Protest poem

The world that we live in is an unfair one

It isn't the world that is unfair

It is the society that we humans have come to develop
The sin of Greed grows, and is flowing through the streets

Young children are alone, abandoned and begging for their next meal

We created harmful drugs that have caused many to fall into addiction

The more we rely on others the more we tend to destroy them.

We put up borders that divide us and yet when it comes down to it

We are all made of flesh; we are all human beings and equal to each other

There won't always be equality in the world but more than half

Of unfairness in the world is caused by us, but these are things that are

Affecting us greatly and can change

It is unfair that the children in New york are learning how to hold guns instead of

getting an education

It is unfair that many families these days are broken apart because of abusive parents.

It is unfair that this happens right under our noses, you never know when you might see a

Lost person; it might be that quite kid at school or the popular girl with a smile on her face but in reality

they are, we are all WEAPING

The world has become corrupt with its political leaders and Pop stars

The lost are everywhere

how deceitful humans are

how pathetic

The walking dead are only left

This world is NOTHING but the world of the LOST.


I could have done more with the poem but, i'm not sure what to do with it -_-...