Author's Note

Chechi: Hey everybody (if there's anyone reading this). It's me! The epic Chechi! One of the awesome authors from Duyon Production! This is my first time really doing a story like this, so sorry if you might not like it!

Everybody said not to go in there, everyone told me the so called 'consequences', but I didn't listen. You want to know why? It was because I was curious.

Yeah, yeah, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. And it's a pretty 100 to none chance that the things everyone said were rumors, none being that they weren't rumors of course, which just fuels my determination.

What is this place? Well, it is the old schools storage basement, and I just happen to be making a story about it as my debut for the school newspaper, just to rid people of their silly superstitions. Sometimes I just think that people make these stories just to get a laugh to see if anyone believed it, but it only causes worse things to happen. Because of this kind of joke-pulling, many adults have stopped enrolling their children in the school, believing they will get attacked, or something stupid like that. One of these stories just makes me laugh though. Have you heard of the one about the 'Jazz Hands'? It just makes all the guys want to pee their pants!

Place: The old school's storage basement
Time: After School

It is said that there was a student who once joined the drama/theater club, a male student. He had a great passion for acting, one that was greater than any of the other students. He would always go to the school's basement (It was being used as the Drama/Theater club room at the time) to practice, perfecting each of his performances, and he would always do well.

This boy had a best friend who joined the club too so they could hang out with each other more, let's call him Mono for now. Mono always admired his friend's talent, but treasured him even more, as his first, and only friend.

Because of the boy's great talent he was praised by every member of the club, being invited to parties, and the distance between Mono and him greatened.

Mono grew to hate his friend's talent, always thinking, "his talent should just die, it's stealing him away from me". An important club performance was coming up, and Mono devised his plan, ' I can wish him luck, ask him to break a leg, or just break both of them myself'.

Mono's mind was already too twisted and wicked to be able to act back on his actions. So, on the night before the performance, the boy was found with both of his legs gone. He was alive but only the upper half of his body. Instead of the members visiting him and wishing him to get well, they insulted him, blamed him for not being able to do the performance, and that was his last memory, for he died the next day. Mono was filled with guilt, but did not tell anyone he was guilty. Instead he cut off both of his arms and wrote a message with his blood," I took your legs, so now I will give you my arms".

End of Chapter 1

Author's Note

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