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Chechi: Hey people (again, if there's anyone there). I'd like to present you with, chapter 2! My friend helped me a lot with this one. Thank you friend!

Friend: No problem. :)

Chechi: o.o When did you get here?

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Like I've said before I'm so not listening to whatever extremo weirdo made up those stupid rumors. I mean come on! No one would really cut some one's legs off right?

Anyways today is the day for the exploration of the basement. Ooooh I'm soooo scared. (NOT) So I tell a teacher where I'll be, grab a hall pass, and start on my down the descent of stairs.

Now, normally I would've taken the elevator, me being a trusted student and all, but at this time of day, our janitor Old Man Winkles, is always lurking around them.

As I walk down the stairs, I realize how much of a fool I was to believe those rumors. It's just a normal old basement. Creaky walls, chipped paint, and spiders running amok to the sound of my footsteps down the stairs. Nothing special right?

I reach the ground floor and stumble around to find the light switch for a while and then feel something sticking out on the wall. Ah, here it is. But right before I even flicked the fuse, I heard footsteps. I myself having cat like reflexes dove into a corner behind a desk getting greeted by a cobweb and waited. As I squinted I could make out the shape. WINKLES! I nearly screamed and in the shock flung myself around and landed right into a bony grip.

End of Chapter 2

Author's Note

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