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Chapter 6: Slightly Frightening Revelations

The bus came to a stop, and Ms. Durney, our bus driver, told us to skedaddle. All the students came out winding quickly through the seats, not letting the people seated in front of them to get off, and leaving them to wait until the chaos ended.

I was one of the people who waited of course. I didn't want to risk the chance of any of my belongings getting trampled over.

Of course, Sean was long gone, him being the guy he is.

"I swear if I could just-. Back where I came from, if children made chaos like this, they were sure to get lemon juice mixed with paprika sprinkled into their annoying buggy eyes." Ms. Durney supposedly murmured this quietly to herself, but I could hear it clearly.

"Ms. Durney. I'm sure if we were allowed to do it, we would." I whispered to her as I went down the stairs off the bus, and I'm sure I saw her grin.

Even though today is special, things going on at school were relatively the same. Students hugging each other in the middle of the hallway, teachers chatting and ignoring the students, and the occasional whisper of a rumor.

"Oh My Gosh! Did you hear of like' the Walking Ladder? Like' 10 roofers got like' serious injuries from like' falling of the like' school building. At first, like' people thought that like' the workers accidentally like' slipped off from the like' roof, but then we like' figured out like' that the ladder was like' at least 50 like' feet away from where it was like' originally placed!"

"Like' LTOMGFTW! Did that like really happen?"

"Like', I'm totally sure!"

Really? I'll take note of that.

"Hey guys! The Prickly Wall struck again! Some students were just leaning on the wall near the restrooms, but after they got back up, at least tried to, they realized they were pinned to the wall! And after they finally got off, they had a bunch of little holes on the back of their body that were bleeding! Isn't that like totally wicked!?"

"That's totally gnarly bro!"

"I know right dude!"

Hmmm, weird. I'll take note of that too.

After walking through the student hugging, teacher chatting, rumor whispering hallway, I finally got to class, well, homeroom.

I walked by the desk of my homeroom teacher, Mr. Cavello, quickly hanging the almost forgotten hall pass on the hook by its tassel.

I continued traveling to my desk, to be met there with a less annoying friend of mine.

"Hey Daneev."

No comment.

"Meh. I expected no more of you and your soundless self." I said in response to his silence.

Daneev smirked, oh so annoyingly like he always did.

Well, Daneev is less annoying and much quieter than Sean, but for some reason his silence and his know-it-all expressions just makes me all peeved.

"So, have you seen Sean?" I inquired.

Daneev nodded.

"Okay? Where did he go?" I yet again questioned him.

He drew an imaginary circle with his fingers on his desk, and then drew multiple hexagons inside it.

"So he's at… the soccer club room?"

The silent one nodded.


He's at the soccer club room? Well, uh… Maybe I'll go see him later… Oh shiz! I almost forgot! I have to get my article checked with the Newspaper Crew! And homeroom is almost over!

Running out my class- homeroom, I went again through the student hugging, teacher chatting, rumor whispering hallway, almost getting caught in those oh so disgusting morning hugs and cuddles.

I ran for what I think was um… thirty seconds? Wow. The hall monitors in this school suck! But I'll dwell on that later.

Finally, I was standing before the door which led to a room of truth, and quality literature, the Newspaper Crew room.

Nervously, I fumbled the door nod that led to the said room, turning it getting harder as my hand started to sweat.

'This is it!'

Just as I was about to completely turn the knob, the door was opened before me, causing me to tumble inside.

I looked up to see a boy, most likely a Seventh Grader, standing before me. He had slightly curly dark-brown hair, which side bangs were being pulled over his ear by the frameless glasses he was sporting. He wore slightly sophisticated, but casual clothes, and his face, was absolutely ridden with annoyance.

"Um…, sorry?"

He scoffed at my apology, in what I think the most annoyed and haughty way possible.

"Watch where you're going, klutz." He replied in a way that's even more annoying than Sean.

Klutz? Me, gymnastic expert track runner, a clumsy person? Well, you are quite wrong about that Mr. High-and-Mighty.

"What did you say?" He inquired. I said something?

Oh crap! I actually said that out loud! Maybe he didn't hear me right…

"I said, I'm so sorry being the clumsy person I am! I'll try not to stumble in a room when trying to open a door when it is suddenly opened before me!" I said this in the most sarcastic way I could, which is pretty sarcastic.

The supposed Seventh Grader had a clear expression of annoyance, and anger on his face.

"Well, what are you here for anyway, klutz?" He said his words with noticeable venom, which was a lot of venom.

"Well, Mr. H.M, I happen to be here to enter the newspaper crew." I replied to him, with an almost equal amount of venom.

"Oh really?" He said with sick humor in his voice. "Where's your article then?"

I started to pull it out. "It's right- Hey! Give it back!" The Mr. H.M person snatched my article away from me with a look of triumph on his face, and started to ever so haughtily read it.

"I said give it back you douche boat!" I tried jumping up and snatching it from him, but alas, I'm shorter than the average twelve-year old girl.

His triumphant smile soon turned into a frown of disappointment, and he shoved my article at me.

"What is it douche boat? Did you realize how much of a good article writer I am?" I smirked triumphantly.

"Are you using this, to get inside the Newspaper Crew?" He questioned me incredulously.

"Yes, and I'm with no doubt getting in with it." I replied

And then, he started laughing?

"What is it Mr. H.M? Is my article so good that you've lost your sanity?" I asked him in mock curiosity.

"No- it's just- *snicker* do- do you actually think that you can get in with this piece of garbage?" His tone had so much sick humor in it that it sickened me. Well I guess that's what all sick humor does.

"Um, yes?" I said slightly uncertain after what was demonstrated before me, and my article was not garbage! "Is there anything wrong with it?"

"Oh no! There's nothing wrong with!" He said this with a frightening amount of sarcasm. "Other than that it's absolutely horrible." He said his last statement with a smirk, a horrible douche-boaty smirk.

"Why should I care about what you say anyway?" I said, annoyed of his mixed actions.

"Well, I think you should care a lot," He started to reply, still with a bit of laughter in his tone. "Considering I am the leader of the Newspaper Crew."

I froze in place. He was the leader of the Newspaper Crew?

End of Chapter 6

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