Dark Figure

A dark road
A flickering street lamp
No one in sight
Blackness in all directions
Someone is watching her
She knows it
She feels it
Yet she can do nothing to stop it
The lamp goes out
Coldness creeps in
No sound or motion alert her to the figures position
Only a deep sense of foreboding
Only a feeling that something is amiss
She cannot scream
She cannot move
She cannot see
Suddenly the air shifts
She knows the figure is right behind her
She can feels it's hot breath on her neck
Yet she dare not turn and look
For fear of what she might find
Fingertips brush the skin of her neck
Hands encircle her airway
Driving the life from her limbs
Yet she is calm
She does nothing
She does not fight
She does not struggle
She simply dies
In the figure's arms