Emotional Tornado

Simply looking at him now sends a rush of feelings through me
At first a smile
Then a stab of guilt
Then hunger and need
Then a burst of happiness
Then a tear
The longer I look the more feelings that rush in
Like a tornado of emotions
Mixing up my insides
Jumbling my thoughts
Unknowingly, I sit for hour after hour transfixed
Studying his face
And letting the emotional tornado wreak havoc on my body
Yet strange enough
I like the feeling
I cannot look away
I think to myself
If this is how I feel by simply looking at a picture of him
What will happen when I'm able to actually touch his face...
Brush the hair out of his stormy gray eyes...
Kiss his lips...
Hour after hour
The two emotions battling for prominence are love and happiness
Then guilt and despair
I send a silent prayer
That the love I have for him will win out...