Figure Under The Water

She stands on a white plain
Wind blowing through her hair
Bringing with it the scent of the ocean
All at once the scene changes
She is surrounded by water
No hope of escape
The waters are calm
The color a crystal-like blue
She can see the pinks and greens of seaweed and coral below
The wreckage of a ship
The luminescence of a pearl
The vibrant colors of shinning scales
The figure of a man
She feels as if she knows him
She struggles to see him clearer
But the water distorts her vision
Frustrated and wanting desperately to see this figure
She swims closer
She dives under the water's surface
As she gets closer the figure becomes clearer
Stormy gray eyes
Chocolate brown hair
A shy smile
She reaches out to him
Her fingertips brushing his cheek
He wears a look of concern
A question pleading unspoken in his eyes
She knows him
She loves him
Yet just as her lips touch his
Water fills her lunges
Ending her life...