Just A Look

Lying in bed
Clutching his necklace
Holding onto my pillow
Smelling his letter
Breathing him in
Waves of emotions shake me to my core
A sad smile comes across my face
A single tear rolls unbidden down my cheek
I close my eyes
Grasping for that happy memory
Not happy in the eyes of others
But in my eyes
The happiest I've ever been
He sits there
Chin resting on his arms
Laying on the table
Looking at me
Just looking
And listening
Not saying anything
The way he looked at me
The way he made my heart beat faster
With just a look
My blood boiling to the surface
I knew he loved me
And yet I pushed him away
I was selfish
I wanted more
I couldn't wait
But now that he's gone
I regret ever uttering the words goodbye
Because now he's gone
And he's not coming back