Questions Gone Unanswered

I have these questions that go unanswered
Day by day they fill my thoughts
Building and building inside my mind
Will he wait for me?
Will he still love me even if I grow up and change?
Will he tolerate my mess?
My mood changes?
My unorthodox methods?
Will he take care of me if ever I am sick?
Will he tell me I am beautiful even when I know I'm not?
Will he wrap me in his arms even when I am cold and shaking?
Will he stay by my side in my final hours?
Will he hold my hand through all the pain?
Will he be patient through my stubbornness?
Will he kiss me softly when I need strength?
Will he hold my through the night?
Will he hold me safe in his arms when I am frightened?
Will he read all my silly love letters?
Will he care about my passions?
My desires?
My feelings?
Will he take the time to understand me?
Will he truly care?
Am I asking the right questions?
Does it matter?
These questions gone unanswered
Do they really matter?