Snowflakes Fall

Across a flat plain
Snowflakes fall
A soft blanket across the world
So radiant and white
In the early morning sun
Its sparkling surface has yet to be marred
By the likes of man
I look out the front door and admire the sight
From behind he wraps his arms around me
Kissing me lightly on the neck
A shiver runs through me
Not from the cold
But from his gentle touch
A cup of hot coco is given to me
I sip it slowly
Letting his touch warm my skin
The drink warm my insides
And his voice whispering the words "I love you"
Warms my heart
The sound of children's laughter can be heard from just inside
I shut the door to see them
But just as they come into view
My dream ends
I awaken cold
Clutching my pillow
Wanting it to be him
As I watch the snowflakes fall