The Mirror's True Power

Who do we see when we look in the mirror?
Do we see a brave, courageous, outgoing, and intellectual person?
No. We see all our faults and our flaws
All our mistakes and our weaknesses
Our fears surface
Our insecurities
Our doubts
Our vulnerability
Our pain
All of it is there
In that mirror
Staring back at us
Yet when our love steps up behind us in that mirror
We feel safe and secure
We see their strength
We see their pride
Their endearing love
Their kindness and their wisdom
We see all the happy moments we're shared
We see all the joy
The laughter
The pure happiness
Yet what do we do when that love isn't there?
We sulk and we sour
We become mean, hunched figures
Defensive at every turn
Or we whither and we mope
We flinch at every touch
Expecting more pain
Or we become hollow
Numb and unfeeling
This is what the mirror does
This is the mirror's true power