The Shimmering Vale

Waking up
Trying to find the strength
The motivation to leave the comfort and safety of my sheets
The protective vale of my dreams
I want simply to slip back into my perfect world
Slide back under the shimmering vale
Under which I can be with him
Without worry or complication
Without conviction or hesitation
Under the shimmering vale
Everything is perfect
Everything is they way I wish it to be
Simply he and I
Only us
The rest of the world does not matter
They do not exist
Only him
We kiss
We laugh
We simply talk
We walk the never ending shoreline
We swim the vast expanse of ocean
No predators lurk in these waters
We swim
We dive
We explore worlds long forgotten
Just under the water's surface
We resurface as the sun sets on the horizon
We lay on the pure white sand
He looks into my eyes
And I into his
He reaches over, lightly brushing a strand of hair from my face
He cups the back of my neck and leans closer
My heart races
My blood boils
But once again...
The shimmering vale is lifted
I force myself to rise
Leaving the safety of my sheets
Wanting desperately to return