Without a love

What is life without a love?
Without your love?
Without your true love?
Is it possible to simply stop loving someone?
Some say yes...
But I beg to differ
Once you give someone your heart
Once you say those three little words
Out loud
Without hesitation or conviction
There's no going back
There's no moving on
Not really
Once you find that kind of love
Nothing will stop you from being with them
No matter how long it takes
No matter the pain
With real love
Yes, there will be tears
But tears are a sigh
That you care enough to cry
Yes, there will be hardship and hurt
But doesn't that mean that in the end
That love will be stronger?
For you cannot have a love that is true and strong and substantial
Without hurt and lose and tears
What is life without a love?
I couldn't say
I've found my love
And I'm not letting him go