The Cat, the Door, and the Human.

You and me inside the room,

With the door closed tightly shut.

At first you just sit down and groom

Your belly, then your butt.

But time draws on, and we both know

You want for something more.

You want me to get up and go

Unlock the closed door.

"No no, Sir Fluffs, I can't comply

For you're a naughty cat.

You scratched at Nanny Mussy's eye,

And you have to pay for that."

At first you act so innocent,

And try to win my heart.

At first I think I might relent,

But oh, how clever thou art!

You see I've overlooked your looks,

Your sweetness and your charm.

So with your claws as sharp as hooks,

You claw right at my arm.

"Sir Fluffs, how dost they scratch my flesh,

And cause myself to bleed!

You've left a trail of blood, so fresh,

A bandage do I need!"

I go to leave, but then I say,

"Alas, you fooled me not.

In this room you have to stay,

So give escape no other thought."

Then you meow and meow and meow,

Again, again, again.

I shout, "That is enough for now!"

And you stop right then.

Then you come and nuzzle me,

Trying charm once more,

But I am not fooled easily;

I won't open the door.

Then you scratch at carpet mine,

Destroying my very rug.

"How dost thou, you so dirty swine!"

And then I exclaim, "Ugh!"

But this has been the final straw

That broke the camel's back.

I open the door, and paw by paw,

You fade into the black.