Cold Waters

Smooth ice unmarred by bladed skates

Fresh, new, gleaming, seamless

Seemingly safe

Like glass

Yet carefully I tred across its surface

For secrets are hidden in the glass

The edges my seem safe

But as I move closer to the heart

I skate on thin ice

My weight cracks the surface

Spider webs move across the glass

Growing, expanding, spreading through the glass

Marring its surface

The glass around me gives way

I crash through the heart

Cold waters await me

Every bit of warmth stripped from me

Encased in ice I know I am dead

I let the waters take me

Their swift arms carry me farther and farther

Yet somehow the glass above me breaks

Warm hands grasp mine

They pull me into their warm embrace

Even though it is not him

I feel somewhat safe

I am finally warm

He saved me from the cold watery depths of my despair

And here I stay forever in his arms

Finally safe…


In love…