Today is the last day for us,
but I'm trying to forget that.
I know you're trying, too.
so we laugh and smile and jest and joke
paint lies upon lies of vivacity on our faces
weave falsehoods of joy with our fingertips,
our fingertips always connecting,
enjoying the electrical sparks tingling up our spines

you hold me like you never did before
you somehow wrench a blush right out of my gut
flaming cheeks screaming how much
I love your very touch.

I want every inch of you on me,
I want time to pass by faster,
I want you right here.
I know I'll crave you when you're gone, but
will you even notice that I'm gone?

the dark thoughts that constantly plague my sleep
continue to pervade my happiness,
pessimism escaping from my tongue,
I wish I knew what to say.
I wish I could just articulate
the thoughts that sprint through my head.
I wish I could pluck at my own heart
like cello strings, and find the right words
somewhere between the heaven and hell
I hold within me.

While I fight off my demons, and refuse my angels,
the one constant in my life is you
even though all I have left to give you
are these leftover pieces of ugly,
I hope that you'll find it in your heart
to miss me.