Failing Imagination

Deep green eyes with flecks of gold

You do not exist but still I imagine you

Chestnut hair slightly curling

Dimples in your loving smile

The image fades and flickers

My imagination failing me

Gray eyes cloud up the green

But no

I push them back

Stay green I say please

Or blue or brown

Anything but gray

Anything but the stormy mysterious gray

If I focus he is kept at the farthest reaches of my mind

Back in the darkest little corner

But sometimes that focus snaps and breaks

Thoughts of him come rushing back


I sit here and I star at the flames of the fire

He dances across my vision

His face, his smile, his laughter, his eyes

No! I can not

He is gone

He no longer exists

Clear blue eyes

Deep like the sea

Short cropped blond hair

Stormy clouds of gray