Lonely Path

Long lonely path

With ghostly trees

Hallowing winds

And menacing eyes

Footsteps echo down this lonely path

A sense of foreboding follows

Death lurks nearby

You know it to be true

Catching glimpses of those menacing eyes

You know it to be true

The wind whips and howls

Drowning out all other sounds

Afraid for your life you run faster

And faster still

Loosing breath with every step

Your life slowly draining

The trees stretch ghostly hands to ensnare you

To catch you unaware

The ground loosens underneath your feet

Your shoes sinking further into the muck

Spider webs cross your path

You run through them uncaring

Yet unbenonced to you spiders now cover you

Their pincers sinking in

Their poisons spreading rapidly

For death comes on swift wings to those who run in the face of death