So Long Mother

It's hard to understand how many lies you've told

Yet I still tend to believe that they are true

All the dark secrets that you seem to hold

My heart and soul, they cut straight through

Do you not have a heart that beats within?

That should help separate wrong form right.

I wish to share this with you, but where to begin?

How about when you started leaving my life.

You left me to fend in this desolate world

Walking away un-scathed and un-affected

In your wake love gets twisted and gnarled

You walked out of my life completely un-detected

And so my heart aches, wanting to be accepted

My eyes blood shot with tears flowing free

You give me that look, I've been rejected

With all the hate and pain that you never see

You revel in the fact that you need not care

That my soul cries out for the love you hold back

Every child-hood memory, left scarred and bare

The guidance I dearly needed, I severely lack

Now you have pushed me away as far as I can be

I'll leave you alone with your treacherous soul

Smile and lie through your teeth with glee

You've lost your son, but your heart stayed whole